10 Hal yang Harus Dimiliki Pekerja dalam Bidang Apapun

10 Things Workers in Any Field Must Have

A company definitely wants the best employees to fill various existing job fields. Their existence is needed to keep the business running and achieve various goals in the future. Therefore, it is natural that competition in the world of work is currently increasingly tight.

If you look at data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) as of August 2021, Indonesia has a workforce of 140.15 million. They will be faced with three employment challenges, namely the demographic bonus, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the industrial revolution. This means that today's workforce will not only compete with each other, but also have to compete with technology.

For this reason, today's workers must have several things to answer the company's needs and face existing challenges. Are you one of those workers?

If yes, in general, the things you must have include soft skills and hard skills. Both are equally important things. Hard skills are knowledge and abilities whose results can be measured or are technical. Meanwhile, soft skills include social skills, personality and character, communication skills, emotional intelligence, influence and work approaches demonstrated by an employee.

The existence of soft skills is needed to complement hard skills so that both can make you a valuable company asset. If explained, here are 10 things you must have as a worker.

Reliability and Responsibility

Reliability is the extent to which you are able to perform tasks accurately and without errors. Reliability is gained through education and training over time. To complete reliability, responsibility is needed, namely a commitment to bear everything for what has been done.


Professionalism can generally be understood as an individual's adherence to a set of standards, codes of ethics or quality benchmarks in a particular field of work. An easy example, being polite, speaking well, being calm and neat is part of being professional in the workplace.


Integrity is often defined simply as honesty. However, more broadly than that, integrity according to the KPK's behavioral competency dictionary is acting consistently between what is said and one's behavior in accordance with the values ​​adhered to. These values ​​can come from the code of ethics where you work, community values ​​or personal moral values.

Time Management

As a worker you are required to be able to work effectively and efficiently. Therefore, apart from requiring reliability, time management is also something that must be considered.

Good time management will help you complete work on time so that work life balance will be created. For this reason, start to create a timeline for daily work and set priorities for each type of work.


Creativity will usually give birth to innovative ideas that are useful for many people. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a high level of creativity. Even so, creativity is a skill that can be learned through various experiments, imagination, questions, collaboration and research. Continue to hone your creativity to advance your career in the future.


Instead of competing with your colleagues, it would be better if what is built is a solid collaboration. Good collaboration will make it easier for companies to achieve their goals.

So, to build this cooperation, good and smooth communication is needed. To do this, you can start by being a good listener, understanding the communication style of everyone in the work environment, conveying messages clearly, having empathy, having the courage to ask questions, and so on.

Problem Solving Ability

This ability includes skills in identifying problems and finding the right solution to overcome them. The ability to solve problems yourself intersects with several other skills, such as communication, analysis, creativity, teamwork, and decision making.

Willingness to Continue Learning ( Learnability )

The will to always learn is really needed in the midst of ever-changing times. Learn every new thing that can support your career in the future. You can do this by taking part in training, online classes, seminars, and much more.

Positive Attitude

When you always have a positive attitude at work, it will have a positive impact on the colleagues around you. You will bring positive energy that can make the work situation more conducive and can encourage productivity.


Lastly, having networking is something you need when building a career. The wider the network you have, the greater the opportunities or opportunities you will get. To build this network, you need to be active in various activities, have good communication skills , and use social media wisely

Those are 10 things you must have as a worker today. The point is, never be afraid to try and get tired of continuing to learn. As Robert Kiyosaki said, "don't let your fear of failure be greater than your joy when you succeed."

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