10 Ide Bisnis Kreatif dan Menjanjikan Untuk Pemula

10 Creative and Promising Business Ideas for Beginners

Creative business is a business that is currently being carried out by many people, especially young people. This business is popular because it offers products that are unique and different from competitors. Creativity is very necessary to start and run a business. Businesses that are not creative and innovative will lose interest from customers and then be forgotten.

If you like creative things and have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can try doing creative business too. Don't be afraid because of large capital and so on. The following creative business ideas are suitable and promising for beginners.

Sell ​​Antiques

Even though it is now 2022, antiques still have fans. Usually they have a community of antique lovers. You can find information about this antiques market by browsing the internet.

Antique items that are usually sold are furniture such as old tables and chairs, antique lamps, and even cameras. These antiques often decorate the interior of cafes and restaurants with a vintage theme. Or just collected by antique lovers. The prospects are quite promising because these goods have quite high selling prices.

Recycled Products

Campaigns to love the environment are being voiced everywhere. Caring for the earth is our shared responsibility. You can also use this for business opportunities.

You can sell handicrafts from paper pulp, plastic waste, and so on. Selling environmentally friendly bags can also be an alternative for your business. Your product promotion will be helped by campaigns to reuse recycled products. Interesting right?

Healthy Catering

The need for healthy living is increasingly high nowadays. One of them is by consuming healthy food. A healthy catering business can be a promising business for you. You can provide various menus that meet nutritional value and suit the client's health condition.

In fact, you can create a special menu for people with diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Of course, you must have in-depth knowledge about nutrition and health conditions. You can work with a nutritionist to create these healthy menus. Also promote this healthy food product through social media such as Instagram.

Typing Services

If you live in an academic environment, a typing service business is a good idea to execute. As we know, on campuses students are always busy with various assignments and many of them are lazy or don't have time to type these assignments. You can use this to start your business. With just a laptop, you can run this business.

Become a Reseller

The advantage of being a reseller is that the capital is very small or even non-existent. You only need creativity to market products through online media. By browsing the internet, you can look for suppliers of various products you want to sell. A marketplace or online store could be your choice in marketing the products you want to sell.

Customized Gadget Casing

Gadgets and other gadgets are mandatory items that everyone must have. They also want their gadgets to look beautiful and attractive according to their personality. So, you can take advantage of this opportunity by doing a customized gadget casing business. You can make a cellphone casing according to the buyer's request. They will definitely be happy with a unique design especially for them personally.

Online Writing Services

Posts are the most common things we find on the internet. But not everyone can write well. If you like and are good at writing, you can use this skill for business.

You can market everything from articles, captions, reviews, even fictional stories through your social media. Armed with a portfolio and SEO knowledge, you can now offer this writing service business.

Online Language Courses

Are you good at foreign languages? If yes, this business opportunity is very promising. Many people want to learn foreign languages ​​such as English, French, Mandarin, and others. Create an online class using an online meeting application and create a pleasant atmosphere. You can determine the rate per meeting.

Seed plant

The "Go Green" or environmentally conscious lifestyle is currently popular. One way is to plant trees or garden. Apart from being concerned about the environment, many people have a hobby of gardening. Especially during a pandemic like this, people need activities to relieve boredom.

You can sell various plant seeds that are suitable for the current pandemic conditions. Fruit and vegetables can be the right choice for plant seeds because these are food ingredients that are always needed. You can look for suppliers on the internet and market them via social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Unique Market Snacks

The culinary world always has fans. No wonder the food business is always busy with buyers. If you are good at cooking, you can sell unique market snacks. For example, fruit pie in the shape of a parallelogram or rissoles cake in the shape of cute animals. You can market this product via the marketplace or social media.

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