5 Peluang Usaha Industri Kreatif Berikut Yang Perlu Kamu Ketahui

The following 5 creative industry business opportunities that you need to know

Recently, the Ministry of Trade is promoting the economic sector or creative industry. The creative industry is an industry that originates from the use of individual creativity, skills and talents to create prosperity and employment opportunities by generating and exploiting the individual's creativity and inventiveness.

Creativity is needed to run a business. Creative and innovative businesses will last longer because they always provide new things to consumers. Are you also interested in having a business in the creative industry? Here are 6 creative industry opportunities that you need to know about.

Flower Arrangement Business (Florist)

Do you enjoy caring for and arranging flowers? If the answer is yes, this business is right for you. Flower arrangements or bouquets are a type of business that is never short of buyers. The beauty of flowers always has many fans.

Take advantage of moments like graduation to sell flower bouquets. Also provide flower board services for congratulations. You can also add to this type of business service by sending flower arrangements to various areas.

Don't forget to compare the prices of other florists so you can sell your products at a cheaper price. Guaranteed your flower arranging business will have lots of fans.

Scrap Frame

When you hear the word frame , you probably immediately think of photo frames. But scrap frames are not just photo frames. Scrap frames are frames that are modified with other ornaments such as paper and cloth to produce beautiful three-dimensional craft works.

If you like making handicrafts and have a high artistic spirit, you can try this business. You can make personalized scrap frames according to consumer wishes, for thank you notes, birthday gifts and weddings.

Furniture made from used tires and drums

Used tires and drums may just seem like trash. However, if you get an artistic touch, these two used items can be turned into furniture. Have you ever come to a cafe and seen unique tables and utensils, made from used tires and drums? You can make and sell them too.

Bring out your creative soul to turn it into tables, chairs and other furniture. Offer it to friends and people around you at a cheaper price than big furniture stores . Surely many people are interested in the product you are offering.

Interior Decorator

Interior Decorator is a job related to the aesthetics of a room. If you like interior decoration, such as choosing furnishings, materials, room layout, color schemes, lighting and so on, this is the right business area for you.

To become an interior decorator, you don't need to have formal education like an interior designer. You just need to have artistic taste and creativity. Apart from that, communication and problem solving skills are also needed for this job. To fulfill clients' wishes, you must be a good listener.

You can create a portfolio of your interior decoration results on a website and promote it on social media such as Instagram.

Custom Wedding Souvenirs

Many people want unusual wedding souvenirs. They want souvenirs that are unique and different from most existing wedding souvenirs. You can turn this into a business opportunity. You can sell unique and varied wedding souvenirs. Also offer customization services for customers. Of course, with a price range per product and a specified minimum order limit.

Those are 5 creative industry business opportunities that you need to know about. As a creative person, of course you can create other business ideas. Happy entrepreneurship!

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