5 Rekomendasi Buku yang Baik untuk Mengisi Waktu Luangmu

5 Good Book Recommendations to Fill Your Free Time

Is your free time often wasted? Time suddenly passes without you getting anything meaningful. Of course, these feelings sometimes cause feelings of guilt or discomfort.

Well, if that's the case, it's time for you to change. There are various activities that you can do and make your time feel meaningful. One way is by reading.

It's no longer a secret that reading brings various benefits, such as improving memory and concentration. Not only that, reading can also reduce stress, you know. According to the Journal of College Teaching and Learning , the habit of reading books for thirty minutes every day can help lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress. These benefits are estimated to be as effective as if you were doing yoga or watching comedy.

As reading material, there are various book recommendations for you to choose. These books can be ammunition for developing yourself and forming better habits. Anything? Check out the complete list below.

Big Potential

Big Potential is the work of famous American writer, Shawn Achor. Through this book, Achor tries to show how to unlock the sources of potential hidden within us.

He explained that in the pursuit of success, sometimes someone gets so caught up in the competition that they become isolated and disconnected from other people. In fact, this will actually limit potential and make a person more easily stressed.

Achor then explained, if you want to reach your best potential, there are three types of people who must be in your circle , namely:

  • The Pillars: People who can provide support and be a shoulder to lean on in difficult circumstances
  • The Bridges: People who can connect you to new opportunities.
  • The Extenders: People who can push you out of your comfort zone.

Think Again: The power of Knowing What You Don't Know

Think Again by Adam Grant is a number 1 New York Time bestseller. Here Grant explains the critical art of rethinking, namely learning to question our opinions and opening ourselves to other people's thoughts so that we can become wiser and excel at work.

According to Grant, many people usually view intelligence as the ability to think and learn. However, in a rapidly changing world, there is another set of cognitive skills that is perhaps more important, namely the ability to rethink and abandon what is no longer relevant.

In life, many people prefer the comfort of belief rather than the discomfort of doubt. In fact, if knowledge is power, then knowing what we don't know is wisdom. We need to make ignorance and mistakes a sign that we need to improve our competence.

Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits is one of the books that is currently popular among millennials. This book by James Clear was included in the New York Times Best Seller. Through Atomic Habits, Clear revealed that the small habits a person carries out will actually have a big impact in the future.

So far, many people think that when they want to change their lives, they need to think about big things. However, Clear found another way. He knows that real change actually comes from the combined effect of hundreds of decisions or small changes which are then called atomic habits. For example, you do two push ups a day, wake up five minutes earlier, or resist the urge to make a phone call. It is believed that these various changes will erode a person's bad habits and make them better.

To make new habits happen automatically, Clear mentions four principles. The principle is to make the habit visible, make it interesting, make it easy, and make it satisfying.

The Book of Forbidden Feelings

Next is The Book of Forbidden Feelings by Indonesian writer and artist, Lala Bohang. This book, which is in the form of illustrated poetry, contains various deep meanings but at the same time can untangle the wounds of anyone who reads it.

Through this book, Lala Bohang seems to present a mirror that reflects the darkest and deepest feelings of humans, especially women. Feelings that people often hide or are afraid of knowing are actually human things. For example, about heartbreak, solitude, loneliness, and having a dialogue with yourself.

When reading it you will be invited to be honest and open with these feelings. Even though it will cause wounds when you open it, it will actually make you feel more alive.

When Breath Becomes Air

The final recommendation is When Breath Becomes Air which is an autobiographical book by an American neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi. This book tells the story of Kalanithi, who at the age of 36 - when he was approaching the peak of his career - was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer (metastasis). This is a unique and touching story about life and the knowledge that someone's death is near.

Kalanithi takes anyone on an extraordinarily sensitive, fascinating, and sometimes heartbreaking journey through his struggle with a terminal illness. He explains how to live a good life or at least a pretty good life. This is to answer an important question, namely how does someone live a meaningful life?

Kalanithi finally breathed his last breath in 2015. However, his work continues to be read and helps many people to find meaning in life.

So, isn't the discussion in the books above interesting? So, what are you waiting for, fill your free time by reading and feel the benefits.

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