5 Tips Melakukan Double Job dengan Seimbang dalam Satu Waktu

5 Tips for Doing Double Jobs Balancedly at One Time

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a new color to the work system in the country. One of them is the implementation of Flexible Work Arrangements by a number of companies so that workers can work anywhere.

This system also has an impact on increasing the number of workers taking double jobs. For example, in the United States, according to a ResumeBuilder.com survey of 1,250 workers who work from anywhere, 37 percent of them chose to do double jobs.

There are various reasons why someone does double jobs . For example, because you want to increase your income, experience new experiences, improve your skills, or just fill your free time. This is all fine to do as long as it is balanced. This means that the side work that is carried out does not interfere with the main work.

Unfortunately, some people feel overwhelmed when doing double jobs. They find it difficult to manage their time between their main and side jobs to the point that they can collide with each other or even take up time for themselves.

So, are you currently doing a double job? Or are you planning to start it? So it is important to have proper management so that both run in balance.

Manage your time as best as possible

Having effective time management is the key to success in holding two jobs. To make this happen, you can start by:

  • Write your daily tasks regularly in the Daily Planner
  • First, make a list of your tasks for the week. Then write down the work schedule in detail per day in a daily planner. Strengthen your commitment to adhere to this schedule so that your work can be completed on time. It is better if you prepare the plan the week before so that you can see the possibility of a collision and immediately find a solution.

  • Organize Domestic Work Easily
  • Domestic work such as cooking, washing clothes, ironing, cleaning the house, and others, usually takes a lot of time to complete. When doing double jobs, you need to work around it so that domestic work doesn't take up too much of your time. For example, you can cook once for two or three days. Store food in the refrigerator and warm it when you want to eat it. You can also take advantage of laundry services at affordable prices, instead of spending time at the washing place and ironing table.

    Choose the Right Side Job

    Before deciding to take a side job, you must think carefully about the type of work you will take. Pay attention to four things, namely workload, time, abilities and wages given. Don't let the burden of your second job be heavier than your main job.

    You can choose a side job that suits your interests and abilities. For example, if you are a journalist, you can work as a freelance content writer on the side. Apart from that, if you are currently an illustrator, you can also choose a second job as a designer.

    Apart from that, you also need to pay attention to the deadline for completing the second job. Choose a task that has a sufficient deadline for you to complete while you still have main work to do.

    So, next, don't forget to consider the wages you will receive. Know the market price for your second type of job to get an appropriate wage.

    Keep Prioritizing Main Work

    When deciding to take on additional work, commit yourself to maintaining the quality of your performance at your main job. Don't let it become counterproductive when deciding to do a double job. Continue to maintain your performance and relationships with superiors and staff.

    If one day you find a conflict between your main and second work, still prioritize your main work. For example, because of urgent matters your office asks for overtime so it will conflict with your side job time. So, you can actually convey problems like this to your side employer before signing the contract. Communicate if a problem occurs and ask for the best solution.

    Don't Forget to Have 'Me Time'

    Don't let yourself get lost in work all the time. Because, instead of being productive, you will find it difficult to focus and end up stressed. Keep managing your time for 'me time', for example by taking time to rest, exercising regularly, hanging out with the people closest to you, doing hobbies, or just getting enough sleep at least 7 hours a day.

    Manage Expenses

    When you get extra money from a side job, try to use it wisely. Make a financial plan from the amount of money you get, for example 50 percent for daily needs, 30 percent for savings, and 20 percent for playing or recreation.

    By managing your income, your hard work will be more meaningful.

    Those are the tips you can follow when choosing to do a double job. If you might get tired while doing it, remember your original goal. As the saying goes, "the harder you try, the better it feels when you succeed."

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