7 Tips Mendapatkan Inspirasi dalam Berkarya

7 Tips for Getting Inspiration in Your Work

The creative industry can be said to be a world full of competition for various kinds of ideas. Interesting or out of the box ideas are the key for a work to be accepted by the public amidst the increasing number of creative industry players.

As a creative worker, you may be able to find ideas easily at any given time. However, there are times when these ideas are difficult to come up with because your mind is at a dead end. As a result, you will spend a lot of time thinking.

That's when you actually need inspiration. Inspiration itself can be defined as a feeling of enthusiasm that comes from someone or something that gives you new and creative ideas.

To get inspiration, there are actually many ways you can try. You can choose the easiest one or try various methods until you find the most effective one.

The following are 7 tips that you can try to get inspiration while creating.

Chat with People from Various Backgrounds

When your mind finds a dead end, don't let yourself get lost in loneliness. Immediately look for someone or more with whom you can exchange ideas. You can choose those who can provide a new perspective, knowledge, or even inspiration. These people can come from friends, colleagues, or family.

Apart from that, inspiration sometimes also arises from small talk with random people you might meet while traveling. Therefore, there is no harm in getting out of the house quickly and going to a new place. A new environment can trigger new inspiration through the atmosphere and people.

Surfing the Internet

This is the easiest way you can find inspiration. Just with a device and an internet network, you can search for all the information related to the idea concept you need.

You can find it by reading your favorite blog posts , researching what other people in your field are doing, or just reading inspirational quotes that can fuel your enthusiasm.

Prepare a Notebook to Write Down Your Ideas Anytime

Well, at one time many ideas might come to your head. These ideas may not all be suitable for your project at that time, but they may serve as inspiration later. Therefore, prepare a small idea notebook that you can easily carry anywhere.

Watching movies

Currently there are many quality films that you can watch to get inspiration. There are various genres that you can choose according to your current conditions. For example, if you intend to become a famous blogger, then the film Trinity, The Reckless Traveler is one of the films you can watch to find inspiration from the main character.

To watch films, apart from the cinema, you can also do it via various official streaming platforms .

Soak in the Bathroom

A cognitive scientist, Scott Barry Kaufman, found that more people get inspired while in the bathroom. There are at least two factors that support these findings.

First, when in the bathroom, a person will usually feel more relaxed. That's where a lot of the hormone dopamine is released. Dopamine itself is a chemical in the brain that can trigger good feelings in a person, making it easier to generate creativity.

Second, when in the bathroom, you will let your brain relax and not be filled with serious things. Therefore, new ideas will start wandering around to fill the empty space in your brain.

Redecorating a Room

When your mind is bored, maybe it's a sign that you need a new atmosphere for your room. You can rearrange your room or change the atmosphere with themes that can make you more relaxed. For example, if you are a minimalist style adherent, there are various reference room decoration ideas that you can apply. This concept will usually be dominated by colors, such as beige, white or gray, which can bring comfort.

Back to nature

Meeting crowds or traffic jams every day often makes your mind confused. Therefore, the beauty and beauty of nature is needed to make your mind fresher and easier to get inspiration.

You can choose a natural location according to your preferences, whether by climbing a mountain, enjoying the waves in the ocean, or just having a picnic in a city park.

Those are 7 tips for finding inspiration that you can apply. Keep moving and find the most solution according to your version. You can also find inspiration by studying through various platforms that suit your field.

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