Bagaimana Pinot Membius Amerika Dengan Kreativitas dan Animasi

How Pinot Dazzled America With Creativity and Animation

Who isn't interested in creative visual animations that present content about everyday life?

Nowadays, on social media, we find a lot of that kind of content. The creators are spread all over the world. Brings amazing creativity. So, it is not surprising that companies with well-known brands choose to collaborate with them.

This time, we will reveal the other side behind the life of an illustrator, animator and content creator who works at a creative agency in America who is also an Indonesian nationality.

He will teach us how to train our ability to see simple things from a different perspective, then present them again in the form of creative animation that has been successfully featured by one of America's leading brands, 21 Pilots.

Limitations as Blessings

Spending two to three hours a day commuting from work while living in Jakarta made Pinot exhausted after arriving home. He then uses the remaining energy to encourage children to play. There is no longer the enthusiasm to create something that can hone creativity.

After moving to Kuwait, the journey home from his office was only fifteen minutes. The tiny country then gave him limitations that forced Pinot to look at things from a different perspective to get something new. From there, Pinot admitted that he had succeeded in training his ability to see simple things in a special way. That's how his work and creativity were born: from everyday events which he packaged in an entertaining style.

His creativity even managed to attract Gary Vaynerchuk. He is a Belarusian-American entrepreneur, author, speaker, and CEO of Vayner Media, where Pinot currently works. Seeing his current achievements, Pinot remembered the dreams of his father, who was also an illustrator. He believes that the illustrator profession should be able to support a family. Today, with hard work, perseverance, and a never-ending willingness to learn, Pinot has succeeded in proving his father's beliefs.

“Work and creativity are born from everyday events packaged in an entertaining style.”

Unlimited Opportunities in the Digital Era

During his career in television, Pinot has almost never seen significant changes in a period of twenty years. However, on social media, there are dynamics that continue to change dynamically. For example, when Pinot managed to get a project for eight thousand US dollars through Vine, an American-based social network that provides six-second video shows, he did not expect that Vine's glory would stop and be replaced by other social networks that continued to change with the times. Today we have Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, which Pinot sees as the perfect platforms to find the stage and the spotlight.

However, despite this, Pinot added, we should not label professions based on platforms. Because all these platforms are temporary. There is no guarantee that YouTube will be popular all the time. Pinot chooses to label himself as a content creator. That way, he is not limited by a particular platform and can continue to develop with the times.

Pinot also regretted that the progress of the creative industry in the country was moving slowly. Soap operas are still victorious because their ratings are unbeatable. Meanwhile in Kuwait and America, innovation continues and that's all Pinot believes can train creativity: exploration. Because when we choose to close ourselves off from current developments, not find out about memes that are going viral, or the latest trends in the animation industry, we will be disconnected from the environment. We will be left behind. Pinot can no longer communicate about the latest things with those around him.

Because he didn't want to be left behind, Pinot never stopped running and aligning himself. Innovation trains creativity and exploration.

Postpone ambition, enjoy something first

How important is ambition that someone needs to have to achieve their dreams? Ambition can indeed be like gasoline, which can keep us moving forward. However, apart from that, Pinot actually saw other things that were more important in pursuing his dreams. Namely liking what we do. Pinot believes that if we like something, we will continue to do it.

Nothing can stop us from what we love. It doesn't matter what rewards we receive or appreciation, because at least we have succeeded in pleasing ourselves. From there, fortune will follow. So, before having the ambition to be involved in a big project with Pixar or Disney, it's better for us to find out first what actually makes us feel happy when working on it.

As with inspiration, Pinot never makes it difficult for himself by looking for ambitions in various places or from unreachable people. Sparks of inspiration spread anywhere and at any time. Whoever you are with, wherever you are, inspiration always surrounds you. It requires sharp sensitivity to be able to catch it.

Pinot talked about his experience talking to people living on the streets while he lived in America. In Pinot's eyes, their presence made the dashing America very human. This conversation then sparked Pinot's creativity in his work. It is proof that inspiration is available among the everyday events we experience.

Apart from working on a scene in the Star Wars film, currently Pinot is also busy exploring pixel art using a 2000 Nokia cellphone, where again, using an ancient device, with all the existing limitations, Pinot can create such moving images. easy to enjoy and very engaging. Especially for his followers in Indonesia. When looking at it, people feel connected to the past.

Hopefully this article can give you a new perspective on all the simple things around you. Pinot is a figure who succeeds in taking simplicity to a higher level. We then understand that privilege can actually be cultivated from everyday life.

Now, it's your turn to amaze many pairs of eyes.

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