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How to Try New Things in Life

The various routines that you do every day can sometimes trigger feelings of boredom. Starting from waking up, going to work, coming home, sleeping, then the same cycle repeats itself. Are you starting to get bored with your job even though you think you have got the right job?

Well, this is a sign that you need refreshment in your life. Try to change by trying new things!

Why should you try something new?

Trying new things outside of your daily habits can provide many benefits for yourself. By trying new things, it means you are in the process of moving one step forward to become a better person. In other words, you are increasing your quality and self -value .

Let's say you work as a graphic designer. Don't limit yourself to things related to design only. Try learning how to create good content on social media or good copywriting techniques. Maybe then you will know how to create good content, your knowledge and skills will increase.

Trying new things doesn't always have to be about big things. Even simple activities can be said to be doing something new. For example, sometimes working in a cafe around the house. A different atmosphere can improve your mood at work. Try it!

A. What are the Benefits of Trying New Things?

1. Mental training to be ready to accept various challenges

When you are about to do something you have never done before, you will definitely feel very excited and challenged. This feeling will cause the mood to become more dynamic and less monotonous. After doing this new thing, you will feel fresher and over time the feeling of boredom will slowly disappear.

If you are used to trying new things, your mentality will also be used to accepting changes and challenges. That way, if in the future you face challenges in your career, for example, you won't be mentally shocked anymore. You become calmer because your mentality is used to accepting challenges.

2. Expand Networking

By trying new things, your network of friends will become wider. At some point, maybe you will be interested in joining a community to hone these new things. In this community you will meet many people you never knew before. You will also work with many parties and start exchanging stories about their experiences and backgrounds.

3. Increase Creativity

Trying new things has also been proven to increase your creativity. When you try new things, you will be in new conditions or situations. This situation will force your brain to understand the situation that is happening quickly, then think about how to handle the situation, and develop new skills. That way, you also train your brain to be able to think creatively when trying new things.

B. How to Try New Things?

Usually we just spontaneously try new things. However, there is a way to start, you know. Here are the steps:

1. Understand the new things you want to try

Before starting, first understand what things you really want to try.

Write down these things and the reasons behind them and your goals for trying these things. You will get a clearer planning picture of the new things you will do.

When halfway through you start to lose motivation, reading this article will make you enthusiastic again.

2. Set it as a priority

When you have decided on something new that you want to do, you have to commit to doing it.

Many people want to do something, but in the end it only ends in discourse because they are not truly committed to it. Make a plan and include it in your priorities. You will be more committed to spending your time so that new things can actually be realized.

3. Start with simple things

If the new thing you want to do is big, focus on breaking it down into small things. It will be easier for you to do it and be able to measure its success.

Also, don't focus too much on doing everything perfectly. This is something new that you've only done for the first time, it's normal if it's not perfect, right?

4. The important thing is to start first, you can improve it later

It's normal if you feel afraid of failure or anxious when starting something new. But don't let it control you and hinder the process. - There's always the first time for everything . Weren't all experts once amateurs?

How about you try the following things:

learn copywriting techniques , learn to paint, try farming, or maybe learn to knit.

Trying new things isn't as difficult as you imagine, right?

Good luck!

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