Cara Menemukan Passion dalam Karir

How to Find Passion in Career

Not a few people complain about their work which they say is boring. There are also those who complain about stalled careers. Have you experienced the same thing?

If so, try asking yourself. Why don't you enjoy your work? Maybe because your current job doesn't match your passion ?

Passion is not the same as talent. Talent is innate to each person and does not need to be sought. Instead, passion must be sought. And usually you have to go through a long process for that.

Passion will keep you enthusiastic about doing things related to that passion. Passion is something that you constantly think about and encourages you to dream and plan for the future. Sometimes it makes you not want to sleep or rest.

So, if you don't enjoy your work or feel stuck in your career, don't rush into deciding to leave. But, find passion in your career.

So, how do you actually find passion in your career? Here are the steps:

1. Try various fields of work

Maybe your job today is your first job. Or a job that is not your choice. Or maybe it's the job you've always dreamed of.

But what is clear, in the process of doing it, you will be able to feel whether it is your passion or not, whether you feel comfortable with your work or not.

When you can enjoy your work, any obstacles and challenges will not be an excuse. You don't feel forced or forced to show up at the ( virtual ) office every day.

If not? Well, this is the right time to try a new career. Yes! Try to try out other fields of work. If you don't dare to try other fields of work, how can you find your passion ?

2. Become a "Yes Person"

There are times when you have to try to be a yes person . This means that you always say "yes" or accept everything that is offered to you.

Even though your position is as a content writer, when the company is intensively collaborating with various parties, and you are asked to help with partnership matters, do it to learn new things.

You can learn many things, such as learning about negotiations or learning to convince other parties regarding campaigns. Maybe as time goes by, you will be more interested and it turns out that the partnership sector is your passion .

3. Start doing simple things

Simplify your way of thinking that you can find passion through simple things. What are those simple things?

For example, taking online classes .

Online classes can be an option in the midst of your busy work schedule. Currently there are various types of topics that you can choose. Choose areas that you are interested in, those that you are not interested in, or that make you curious. By gaining new insight through online classes , you also have the possibility of finding your true passion .

Maybe you can start by taking online classes at

4. Get to know yourself and the things you like

People who are extroverted usually like meeting new people, like to talk about lots of things, and tend to be active. They are usually suitable for jobs in marketing, partnerships or sales.

Meanwhile, introverted people are usually more interested in behind-the-scenes work. For example, becoming a content writer, programmer, or admin.

Of course the example above is just a simplification.

Get to know your personality and understand what things you like. Then, link the two to choose your career field.

Who would have thought that the things that change the course of your life would be as simple as the things above?

Good luck!

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