Deterjen Lokal Persembahan Generasi Millenial

Local Detergent Presented by the Millennial Generation

Do you still remember one of the biggest sporting events in the world, the ASEAN Games which was held in Jakarta and Palembang in 2018?

Or the Borobudur Marathon? The national running race that the majority of sports fans will participate in in 2019? These big events aroused the passion of two young millennials, Claudio and Aldy, to develop a premium local detergent that uses natural plant ingredients called Good To Go.

Want to know how they started their journey as entrepreneurs whose competitors are still rarely found in Indonesia? Does the absence of competition make their business challenges easier? Read the full story in this KARENA.ID article!

Starting your journey as an employee

Claudio and Aldy, two 26 year old young men initially met at a shoe laundry service company. Both of them were involved in business development within the company, so a lot of time was spent exchanging ideas and the two of them then found a match in business.

They agreed that a business operating in the service sector was a bit difficult to run, so they thought of creating a business that sold products. Not long after, with quite careful planning, they raised capital to build a collaboration business by dipping into their own pockets. Not long after the concept was completed, they quit the shoe laundry company and focused on the business they were developing.

They started developing this plan in 2017, but the production process only started in 2018. Various major world and national class events held in the country inspired them to make premium detergent products using natural basic ingredients, from plants. Although it cannot be denied, during the process, they also go through a slight chemical stage in the refinement section.

Now, in two years, sales have increased ten to twenty times compared to initial sales.

Claudio and Aldy agree that a business that operates in the service sector is a bit difficult to run, so they switched to a business that sells products.

Compactly Dividing Roles

The two products created by Claudio and Aldy are Active Wash and Active Spray. Active Wash is a detergent that they use to wash consumers' clothes, while Active Spray is a mixture that can scent clothes or footwear in an instant, just a few sprays.

Not long ago, they were working on a new type of product, namely detergent and spray specifically for heavy cotton, or materials that are difficult to wash, such as jeans and canvas. They named the products Garment Wash and Garment Spray, in collaboration with other products. Because it is still in the experimental stage, they only produce small sizes and have limited distribution. Every decision is taken based on careful consideration.

From an operational perspective, Claudio is responsible for the marketing department. Their target market is people who are active and exercise. Meanwhile, Aldy's job is to ensure back office issues run smoothly, from financial flow to licensing. In Indonesia, because their products are not applied to the body, but only clothing, they ultimately need to obtain permission from the Ministry of Health.

Aldy admitted this as a process that he only discovered after they were directly involved in this business. He learned so many other things during the business process. Therefore, both of them think that business is about action. It cannot just be imagined, or conceptualized. To be able to understand it, we must have the courage to start and dive straight into it.

Claudio and Aldy have said that they often argue, until clashes occur. However, they never decided to go on strike. They understand that differences of opinion can only be resolved through communication. After communicating, we will actually be enlightened by the diversity of points of view that arise from differences of opinion. Arguments should not separate, they can actually complement.


"Business is about action, it cannot just be imagined or conceptualized." - Claudio & Aldi

Must have the courage to start

Everyone agrees that business requires capital. It is true. A theory that no longer needs to be studied and considered. However, Claudio and Aldy added, material capital is indeed needed. But that alone is not enough. To be able to start a business, someone must have at least knowledge capital and introductory network capital. These capitals are as valuable and important as material capital.

They realized this when they took part in the event for the first time, namely the Borobudur Marathon, that the sales they generated were not much. The expected awareness also did not match expectations. Finally, at the second Borobudur Marathon, armed with knowledge and a network of acquaintances that led them to collaborate with other local brands, they succeeded in getting what they needed. They learned all this from direct experience.

They emphasize that experience is a process that cannot be separated from success. For beginners who want to do business, they only give one main key, namely that they have the courage to try. Because when we try, it means we will gain experience. And from that experience we will learn to develop a better business.

Businesspeople certainly have big goals to achieve. Claudio and Aldy admitted that they would love to be able to open a shop in Japan and market their products there. Like The Laundress, a company that provides detergent products with certain ingredient specifications according to consumer clothing materials.

With hard work, a high willingness to learn and not giving up, both of them are confident that one day they will succeed in making this dream come true. Hopefully this can inspire you to start and make your dreams come true too. At least, find out what you want to do and start making a planning concept. Get started right away. Because only in that way will you be able to achieve your goals.

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