Hidup Lebih Bahagia dengan Digital Detox

Live Happier with Digital Detox

Do you now feel anxious easily? Is it easy to get emotional? To lack of sleep? It could be a sign that you are addicted to gadgets. You may be afraid of missing something if you don't check your gadget every time. You are also often disappointed if your uploads don't get the likes and comments you expect. In short, a lot of your focus is only on life in cyberspace.

Well, if that's the case, it's time for you to change. You can do digital detox for a better and more balanced life.

Digital detox refers to the moment when we don't use gadgets, such as cell phones, computers, tablets, television and social media for a while. This can make us focus more on social interactions in the real world and also on things that are more concretely useful.

So, how long should a digital detox usually take?

Actually, there is no specific period for the digital detox process to be successful. But what you need to remember, when you want to do it, try at the right time. For example, don't put your device away during effective work times so that you can stay connected and carry out your responsibilities well. However, at the same time, you can stop using social media that is not related to your duties.

How to Start a Digital Detox

To start a digital detox, you don't have to immediately distance yourself from gadgets and social media. You can do it slowly but surely. For example, by turning off notifications or logging out of social media first.

For more details, see the ways to start digital detox below.

  • Put your cell phone away when interacting face to face
  • When interacting with others, you should put your cell phone away or turn it upside down. Because if not, the notifications that appear will reduce the quality of your interactions.

    Founder of the DC Counseling and Psychotherapy Center in the United States, Elisabeth LaMotte, said that the more energy you focus on gadgets , the less energy you give to anyone who is in the same room.

  • Off Weekend
  • You can set a certain time not to touch your gadget at all, for example on weekends. In this way, you can allocate your days off for more useful activities. You can gather with your family, exercise, enjoy nature, and do your hobbies.

  • Focus on One Gadget
  • When you are focused on doing a task on the computer, you can put your cellphone in a drawer or other place. This will help you concentrate fully on the work because the potential distraction of the cell phone has been minimized.

  • Log Out of Social Media on Weekdays
  • Social media is one of the biggest distractions that can divert someone's focus. Therefore, when you are on a working day, you can log out of your social media account. This will help you to work efficiently. You won't lose focus because you're wasting time opening your timeline, just replying to messages on social media or just looking at your friends' uploads. Large text.

  • Look for things that can distract you from your device
  • You need to identify various activities that can distract you from gadget dependence. Look for activities that are useful but enjoyable enough for you. For example, reading books, painting, cooking, gardening, and many more.

    Benefits of Digital Detox that You Can Feel

    When you start doing a digital detox, it is a sign that you have saved some time for more productive things. You also have the opportunity to achieve a balanced life. If explained, here are the benefits you will get after doing a digital detox.

  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • To achieve quality sleep, adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per day. This will help someone concentrate more and be productive. Digital detox helps to achieve these needs.

  • Preventing Anxiety Disorders
  • Most of the stories uploaded on social media do not reflect a person's real life. However, when you look at it too intensely, you can become affected or FOMO ( fear of missing out). You will worry if you miss information or trends on social media. With digital detox, you can prevent yourself from the threat of FOMO behavior.

  • Improve Mood
  • Sometimes, opening social media will actually make you feel less good. This is because we see posts that are not in accordance with our principles, which contain hatred, hoaxes, and much more. By taking a break from activities on social media, you will automatically improve your mood.

  • Achieving Work-Life Balance
  • Reducing playing with gadgets helps you to focus on the tasks that are your responsibility. As a result, you can complete your work on time so you can use the extra time for your personal agenda. When work-life balance has been achieved, you will usually be happier. Ideas and innovations will emerge more easily.

    That's a review of how digital detox can lead you to a happier life. Interested in trying it?

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