Hustle Culture: Kerja Terlalu Keras Menjadi Kontraproduktif

Hustle Culture: Working Too Hard Is Counterproductive

Have you ever worked so hard that you forgot to eat and sleep? You continue to work beyond limits because you are driven by a hope called "success", both in terms of career and economics. If you experience this, this can be classified as hustle culture. This term is one of the most popular among workers, especially millennials.

So, after investigating, it turns out that this hustle culture is not a good work culture for you to practice. This way of working can harm you physically and mentally, making you counterproductive. Why is that? Before knowing the reasons, first get to know the meaning and characteristics of hustle culture.

What is Hustle Culture and What are its Characteristics?

Referring to the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower, hustle culture is a standard in society that thinks you can only achieve success if you truly dedicate your life to work. You will work as hard as you can, putting work above all else.

If you experience the following signs, it could be that you are trapped in hustle culture :

  • Always thinking about work and not having time to relax;
  • Having unrealistic targets;
  • There is a feeling of guilt when resting;
  • Often experience burnout or work exhaustion;
  • Never satisfied with the results of work.

By implementing a work culture like that, will success come your way? The answer is not certain. Because if you observe, when the body is forced to continue working, what happens is fatigue both physically and mentally. Drained energy and insufficient rest time can reduce your body's endurance so that you get sick more easily. The risk of more serious diseases can also haunt you, such as diabetes, stroke, cancer, and others. Meanwhile, when you are mentally tired, you will be more easily stressed, angry and experience other mood disorders.

If this is the case, instead of being completed as expected, the work will actually take longer to complete, which is counterproductive to your initial goals. The results are not necessarily as expected. That's why one of the signs that someone is trapped in hustle culture is that they always feel dissatisfied with what they are doing.

Besides that, you will also lose your work life balance . You slowly lose time to socialize with your environment, friends, and for your own hobbies. Living an unbalanced life is like a time bomb that could harm you one day.

Tips for Avoiding Hustle Culture

To avoid hustle culture , first you can redefine what success means. Get to know yourself better and set standards for success according to you. Don't just set standards for success from other people's perspectives.

After understanding your version of the meaning of success, start practicing clear work boundaries, from limiting working hours per day to the amount of workload. Don't forget to evaluate your habits so far, have you implemented effective and efficient ways of working? Have you allocated time for your family, those closest to you, or your hobbies? Try thinking about it sometimes so you can find the best lifestyle.

Last but not least, pay attention to your health. If you feel tired from work, don't hesitate to take a break. Throw away the feeling of guilt when taking a break. In fact, getting enough rest will make you more productive.

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