Kenalan Creativepreneur: Vema Novitasari, Merangkum Kesenangan dan Kesedihan dalam Karakter Welly si Kelinci Jenaka

Get to know Creativepreneur: Vema Novitasari, Summarizing Happiness and Sadness in the Character of Welly the Cute Rabbit

Successful illustrators always have high level skills? In fact, it's not 100% like that. Vema Novitasari is one example. With minimal drawing skills, he managed to become an illustrator whose works are always eagerly awaited.

It all started with the Vema comic which went viral on Twitter. He made this 8-10 panel comic to represent his feelings after breaking up in love, such as crying on a motorbike, sitting on the river bank, and others. Unexpectedly, the next day after he woke up, there were lots of notifications on his device. In fact, Vema also received an offer to expand his comic into a book. From there he began to develop Welly's world.

Welly is the main character in the Vema story. His full name, Welly the Hare Nggateli, means the annoying rabbit. Initially Welly was just a WhatsApp sticker that Vema made for fun so his friends could use it. Welly was also sold in the form of stickers and t-shirts, although the results were less than satisfactory. However, when transformed into a character in a story, "the rabbit" actually boomed. The book about Welly, entitled Just Live Like This, It's OK, is also widely popular.

The stories about Welly are inspired by what Vema experienced. As with pain, he then gave it a name, texture and color to remember the real experience. Vema explores things he knows as a source of inspiration because he knows very well that his insight is limited. He regularly collects and records personal experiences to use as material for Welly's stories. The results were actually unexpected. Many people relate to Vema's story so the illustrations have received a positive response.

According to Vema, what he did was a simple way of telling a story despite his limited drawing skills. Vema continued to draw even though he realized that his abilities were still minimal and the results were not good. In fact, he also learned watercolor techniques when he first started working in an office. But at that time he only made still life drawings (drawings with inanimate objects) and had not yet thought about storytelling.

Vema wants Welly to be a good friend to her readers so they don't feel alone. The experience may have been experienced by people from other parts of the world. But by revealing this again through Welly, Vema thinks this can strengthen anyone.

Apart from that, Welly's presence also made Vema feel more alive. For him, it has always been considered taboo for women to express anything, including anger or swearing. However, through Welly, she admitted that she could freely express herself as a woman. Vema thought that the contrasting combination of Welly's cuteness and anger or fury worked well.

Even though the public is already well known for the comic Welly, Vema does not give up his job as an office employee. Because from his daily activities at the office he actually gets various inspirations. On the one hand, Vema continues to regularly upload Welly stories every week via the @weeklywelly account . From there, offers to collaborate began to arrive. He also gradually diversified Welly into various products, such as calendars, t-shirts and memopads.

From his journey, Vema realized that drawing was his strength because he did it with a happy heart. In addition, the results were quite satisfactory, thus further motivating the figure who lives in Surabaya. “ I like what I do and I want to spend more time doing this .”

In the future, Vema wants to study drawing more seriously. As a beginner, there are many things he needs to know and learn.

Vema also helps motivate anyone who wants to start exploring the creative world. Just like him, if you don't think very well and have a high lack of self-confidence, don't worry. Do your passion as best you can. Sometimes, being an amateur has a lot of fun in it. Some of the processes you experience may actually make you more mature.

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