Kenalan Creativepreneur: Wacky Winner, Mewujudkan Hal yang Tak Mungkin Lewat Dunia Nye-nye

Meet Creativepreneur: Wacky Winner, Making the Impossible happen through the world of Nye-nye

Starting from a request to draw something taboo, the character Nye-nye was born into the delightful world of Wacky Winner. The figure, whose real name is David Christopher, started creating Nye-nye in his second year of higher education. Even so, he has loved art, design and cute characters since elementary school (SD).

Nye-nye himself is a character with a dominant green color and a long nose. The inspiration for the story is quite simple, namely from things close to David, for example students demonstrating to look cool or ghost stories which are usually widely discussed by the public.

Nye-nye was created as a medium for David to do things that cannot be realized in the real world. This is sometimes quite dangerous if done by humans in general. Therefore, the freedom that exists in the world of Nye-nye makes it a comfortable place for David to rest from his routine work. In fact, the Bogor-based creator feels that bringing Nye-nye's character to life is more relaxing than his main job. Because, in the world of Nye-nye, David can let go of the image he has built in the real world and do whatever he wants.

David wants people to know Nye-nye as a good friend. He is a figure who doesn't care about his friends' appearance, words or speaking style. Through Nye-nye too, David can convey things that may sound stupid but are still funny and enjoyable.

David initially showed the story about Nye-nye on Instagram. Now he didn't expect to go far enough with Nye-Nye. This started from selling Nye-nye characters on a limited basis in one of the marketplaces. Then, Nye-nye was also involved in collaborating with various groups. For example, Nye-nye's collaboration with the creative agency, Mejikuviniu, in creating a digital advertisement using Gojek as a demo product. There, Nye-nye is present in the form of motion graphics which can be seen carrying passengers.

Apart from that, Nye-nye was also present as a 3D toy exhibited at the Assemble Space event. Displaying Nye-nye in the form of a 3-dimensional toy and marketing it is David's dream which he wants to realize soon.

Then, Nye-nye also collaborated with an artist named Kajul. At that time, Nye-nye appeared to play in a green meadow so that harmony seemed to be created in all its elements.

From his journey with Nye-nye, David wants to invite everyone to have their own world. That world is a space where they don't have to listen to what other people say.

As a worker in the creative field, David also said that his choice was a place to play that was challenging, but always had potential. Even though it is faced with technology, new industries, and ever-changing lifestyles, according to him, the creative industry can still be very profitable if pursued well.

Finally, he advised, everyone needs to have a hobby. This hobby is whatever you like, which is done without pressure from anywhere. This hobby also needs to be pursued. To start, don't be trapped by fear for too long. Because, actually there is no right or wrong in every human's journey in achieving their dreams.

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