Memahami Pentingnya Plot Twist dalam Cerita

Understanding the Importance of Plot Twists in Stories

Do you often encounter plot twists in various stories? These plot twists can sometimes have a mind blowing effect , aka surprising or make you feel like you've been fooled. However, this is what makes a story more interesting and not boring because the plot is not easy to predict.

Quoting from the Master Class, a plot twist is a change in the plot in various stories, such as in novels, short stories, films and dramas that shatters the reader's or audience's expectations. This change suddenly appeared without following the storyline that the author had developed from the start. When a plot twist is implemented correctly, it can increase the involvement of story viewers. They will also guess other mysteries behind the plot twist that appears or the path of the plot going forward.

There are stories with quite well-known plot twists , one of which is in the film "Parasite", which successfully won four categories at the 2020 Oscars. This film, directed by director Bong Joon Ho, is said to be full of plot twists. Even though at the beginning the plot seems predictable, in the last half several plot twists start to emerge. One of them is the existence of the downstairs room which is where the husband of the former household member of the Park family lives. The discovery of the hiding place shocked the audience until it came to an unpredictable ending .

Then, how important is the presence of a plot twist in a story?

The appearance of a plot twist is like a binder so that the audience continues to follow a story. When this 'surprise' appears in the middle of the story, it will attract the attention of the reader or audience to pay close attention to the various details that have appeared previously. This can also encourage viewers to open chat rooms on various social media to solve existing puzzles together.

The more conversation there is about the story, the more it indirectly becomes promotional media. Because, this will make those who have not read or watched the story, slowly become curious so they will be interested in following the story that is being widely discussed.

Meanwhile, plot twists are usually presented at the end of the story in the hope of leaving a strong and lasting impression on the audience. This condition is quite common in stories that have seasons or second editions.

Various Plot Twists

In its own development, there are various types of plot twists that have been created by writers. Broadly speaking, the plot twists are divided into four categories, namely:

  • Disclosure
  • This plot twist is also known as anagnorisis. This happens when the author provides new information to the reader in order to create suspense so that new questions arise.

    This revealing technique will usually cause a change in the plot. Therefore, the characters involved will perform unexpected actions. For example, information was revealed that a character who was known for his good manners turned out to be the mastermind behind the chaos that occurred in the story.

  • Discovery
  • The twist discovery plot type presents a situation where the main character manages to discover an astonishing fact that was never expected before. Typically, this plot is conveyed in a persuasive language style. This means that the audience or readers agree with the opinions or thoughts of the main character.

  • Unreliable
  • This type of plot seems to be a trend at the moment. This is the author's way of manipulating or providing misleading information to story viewers.

    To be able to create this plot twist , the writer had to arrange it very carefully. He is required to be able to keep readers guessing about the course of the story. For example, in a story about a mafia boss, readers are invited to look for his true figure. Because the author provides information that makes it seem like all the characters are the figures behind the mafia itself.

  • Red Herrings
  • Next, there is a red herring type of plot twist. The author displays false clues at the beginning of the story so that readers or viewers are fooled. The goal is to distract the audience from the truth. Only in the middle or at the end of the story does the author reveal a surprise that is quite surprising to the audience.

  • Deus ex Machina
  • In short, this plot presents a problem that cannot be resolved from the start. However, at the end of the story, a character or event appears that can solve the problem in an unexpected way.

    Thus explains the importance of plot twists in a story. So what plot twist in the story made a deep impression on you?

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