Mengenal Dinda Puspitasari, Fashion Illustrator Muda dengan Karya Penuh Warna

Get to know Dinda Puspitasari, a young fashion illustrator with colorful work

According to various research, someone who regularly engages in hobbies has a better mood and lower potential for stress. Even in various conditions, hobbies that were initially done as a routine outside of work can actually bring new career opportunities.

Whether it is a hobby of drawing, photography, writing, listening to music, traveling, and many more, if you pursue it seriously it can provide various opportunities. The key is to master your hobby or skill as best as possible. Usually this will be easier because we do a hobby based on feelings of liking. So how do you do it? To help you master your hobby or skill, here are some methods you can apply.

Do your hobby consistently

When you want to master a hobby, first you need to take the time to practice regularly. Set aside at least one hour per day to learn new things from your hobby. You can also sharpen skills that you have mastered previously.

Don't forget to innovate so you don't get bored. For example, by changing places or atmosphere, inviting friends who have similar hobbies, and so on. Apart from that, you can also keep a journal in a book that records your progress every day. You can apply this to motivate you to remain consistent.

Look for Things You Need to Learn More

When you can train yourself regularly, don't forget to look for things you need to learn more about. For example, if you have a hobby of writing, you can find out and memorize various new vocabulary words that will add richness to your writing. Meanwhile, if you like design, you can learn more about how your designs can be better known to a wider audience.

In this step you are required to be observant in seeing your own abilities. Because, without realizing it, assessing your own abilities is sometimes more difficult than assessing other people.

See Experts in the Field

Of the various fields that you are interested in, there are definitely one or two figures who are your role models . Look at their process of getting to the stage of success they are now as motivation.

Even so, you don't need to imitate their way of life 100 percent because they are definitely different from each other's background conditions. Just note the positive sides of them that you can apply. For example, tenacity, courage, perseverance, how to train mentally, and various tricks that smooth their way to the ladder of success.

Join the Community

The next way is to join a community that suits your hobbies, such as a writing community, photography community, and so on. By joining a community, you can meet people from various backgrounds and perspectives so you can exchange ideas.

A community usually also holds various events to increase knowledge, such as discussions, knowledge sharing, workshops, and many more. So, you can follow these positive activities regularly so that your hobby can bring various benefits.

Perseverance and Patience

The final key that you must have is persistence and patience. You need to realize that mastering a hobby is not an instant process. It would be impossible in just one or two weeks of practicing it that you would immediately become proficient and successful. To master it you might spend years so it takes persistence and patience.

Like JK Rowling's story when writing the legendary Harry Potter novel. The period 1991-1996 could be said to be the most difficult phase in Rowling's life. After his mother died, he had to deal with a divorce and lost his job. She also still has to take care of her baby child. However, Rowling's strong desire to become a writer remained strong at that time. He remained consistent in writing and succeeded in completing the story Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in 1995.

Even so, when the Harry Potter story was submitted to the publisher, it was rejected 13 times because the story was deemed too difficult for children to digest. Rowling didn't give up and remained patient until she finally found a bright spot in her career two years later. At that time, Bloomsbury published Rowling's work for the first time. Unexpectedly, this work actually sold well and became a series that was always eagerly awaited.

These are the methods that you can apply to master your hobby well. Along the way there may be various obstacles that arise. However, as the National Hero, Tan Malaka, said, "Bump, bump, bump, build," reminds us to continue to be enthusiastic and not give up in achieving our goals.

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