Musa Tjahjono: Mendesain Mobil Musisi Kelas Dunia

Musa Tjahjono: Designing World Class Musicians' Cars

Do you realize that we view art and design as something that can represent personality?

That's why when choosing a particular design, we tend to choose patterns and colors that are very personal. Likewise with cars. Some people are interested in redesigning their car, making modifications, so that the appearance can also reflect ourselves. One of those who did this was a world-class musician, namely Justin Bieber. Not just design, Justin Bieber actually designed his car from scratch.

However, who would have thought that the designer who worked on Justin Bieber's car project came from Indonesia? Yes, after completing his education at ArtCenter College, Hillside Campus, California, Musa worked as Head Designer at an automotive design company; West Coast Custom Design. What challenges does Musa encounter during his career? How did Moses face each of these challenges? Read the full story only on KARENA.ID

Get to Know What You Really Like

When he was in junior high school, in second grade, Musa moved to America. Without English skills, Musa admitted that he had difficulty adapting due to communication barriers. There was only one Indonesian at his school and his friend graduated when Musa just entered. For a year and a half, inevitably Musa slowly learned the language and adapted. Twenty years later, Musa became one of the automotive designers who worked on cars for world-class musicians.

Musa began his journey by identifying what he truly loved. After graduating from high school in America, many people decide to go straight to work, without going to college. At that time, Musa pondered what he would do next. He realized that he liked the field of design, so he thought about enrolling in Disney and studying animation.

However, his interest in the automotive world then made Musa determined to enroll in college majoring in automotive design. Even though he failed to register in the first year, because the entrance exam, which Musa admitted was very difficult, his determination and hard work paid off in the second year. At that time Moses was finally accepted. In one class, say for the Transportation Design major, which Musa chose, only 11 people attended. The cost of education is also very expensive, that's why Musa also takes various ways to contribute to paying for it.

Musa's journey after graduating from college was not smooth. At that time, America was hit by a recession so Musa had to earn a living by selling car spare parts. Apart from that, he also received project orders to design mice, golf clubs, and even shampoo bottles.

Only in 2013, Musa was contacted by one of his acquaintances from college to design cars owned by celebrities and athletes. Then, at a car show in Las Vegas, Musa and his team's design succeeded in breaking the trend until the car was covered by various media and magazine covers. Musa considers this project to be the thing that changed his life.

Think about what you really want to do!

Studying Client Tastes

After receiving the order, Musa will then try to find inspiration for the design. Is the automotive world the only source for Musa to look for inspiration? Of course not. It turns out, Musa also looks for inspiration from the fields of fashion, product design, and architecture. Musa likes to see architectural designs that are shiny, but not tacky. All colors and elements combine harmoniously.

It doesn't stop there, Musa is also used to inviting clients to meet to brainstorm. During the meeting session, Musa will also pay attention to the watch his client is wearing, what color did he choose? What about the shoes he wore? Musa believes there is a reason behind their choice of fashion products, and that is what Musa is trying to find out. All of this was then collected by Musa as a reference for his design.

In contrast to car designs in general which appear in dark and calm colors, Musa's works are known to be different and bold. Musa loves playing with various colors. Mix it up sometimes. Perhaps, that is what makes Musa's touch superior.

Among the cars currently being sold on the market, Musa actually mentioned the 1971 Datsun as his dream car, because it is so proportionate and resembles a sports car.

On average, Musa works on 10 cars at one time. Currently, Musa happens to be designing cars for Travis Scott, rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. Meanwhile, another project he is working on is a roller coaster at Six Fags Magic Mountain, which has been in the process for 8 years.

"In contrast to car designs in general which appear in dark and calm colors, Musa's works are known to be so different and bold."

Aspiring to Help Others

Musa advised young people who get the opportunity to never waste it. Apart from that, high dedication and hard work will take you to your goal. Having resources is a blessing, however, Musa hopes that the lack of resources will not stop you. This should actually motivate you to try more persistently.

Even though Musa has now achieved success, Musa remembers his struggle to get to this stage, when he had to work as a technical report for 11 months. However, it was from there that Musa learned many technical things. So, Moses considered that every experience was a lesson.

It is also important to choose the environment and people around us to be able to have a positive influence. Apart from being able to motivate us to continue being productive, this environment can also connect us to opportunities that we might need. What if it still doesn't work? Don't give up. Because all successful people have experienced failure. Try again.

After successfully occupying the position as Head Design, Musa of course wanted to open his own firm. However, apparently there is another dream that Musa longs for, namely providing opportunities for those who have talent to develop. Musa was eager to be able to provide whatever facilities they needed to achieve their goals. Because Moses knew very well the difficulties a person gets when they don't have resources. From there Moses' desire was born.

As a beginner, Musa suggests, if you have the same interest as Musa, be diligent in visiting car shows. Visit each tenant while showing their portfolio or examples of designs that have been created. From there, there is a chance that companies will recruit or we can also choose to work as a freelancer.

The rest, never stop trying. Musa believes that one day you will achieve your dreams.

So how? Are you ready to seize opportunities, instead of waiting for them, as Moses suggested? You can find other articles on the KARENA.ID website.

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