5 Brand Lokal yang Bisa Kamu Pakai untuk Menyemarakkan Hari Kemerdekaan

5 Local Brands You Can Use to Celebrate Independence Day

Independence Day is a special moment for Indonesian people. This is where people remember the struggle of the heroes to expel the invaders and celebrate it in various ways. To help brighten it up, one way you can try is to use local brands.

So, on this 77th anniversary, the theme of Indonesia's birthday celebration is "Recover Faster, Rise Stronger." You can choose local brands that fit the theme. For more details, see the following review:

As Far As the Eye Can See

As Far as the Eye Can See is a local fashion brand that comes with the concept of slow fashion or the production of clothes with durability, high quality and environmentally friendly. Founded by Chitra Subiyakto in 2014, you can choose various kinds of clothing with typical Indonesian motifs inspired by culture, nature, food and much more. Natural colors as far as the eye can see can make your Independence Day even brighter because they are made directly from certified natural and artificial dyes.

In addition, As Far as Looking products are made from materials, such as cotton, linen, and Tencel. To preserve forest areas, this brand also uses recycled materials from waste which is processed into new materials.

Step on the Earth

Apart from clothes, you can also wear local brand footwear, namely Pijakbumi. As the name suggests, Pijakbumi hopes that the wearer can feel direct contact with the Earth. It is believed that this natural method can also neutralize a person's emotional state.

Pijak bumi comes with a design that is no less attractive than foreign brands. Earth colors, such as brown, khaki, gray and others dominate Pijakbumi products.

Drunk Dad In The Lobby

After finding the right clothes and footwear, it's time to brighten up Independence Day with locally made accessories. One of the popular local accessories brands is Drunk Dad In The Lobby. Drunk Dad is a label from Bali founded by photographer, Raynard Randynata. You can get accessories from Drunk Dad, such as necklaces, bracelets, t-shirts, bags, mask straps, and various other accessories.

In the production process, Raynard often collaborates with Indonesian illustrators and graphic designers. The designs produced by Drunk Dad tend to be free and playful. Interested in trying it?


On Independence Day, you can also look trendy with Woodka watches which come with a fun and quirky concept. As the name suggests, the main material for making this watch from Bandung is wood. The manufacturer also combines the best Indonesian weaving and genuine leather as a strap material that can be replaced.

For your information, Woodka products are made directly by local craftsmen. This product is now slowly starting to reach foreign markets.

KALOKA Pottery

Furthermore, you can also use various pottery products from Yogyakarta, Kaloka Pottery. By carrying out the concept of sustainability, Kaloka Pottery offers various products, such as cups, teapots and plates with designs typical of Indonesian culture. This product can make the feeling of independence in your home even more felt.

Apart from that, this product is also directly processed by the local craftsman community using native Indonesian clay. Craftsmen in the production process use throwing techniques using machines or spinning wheels.

Those are 5 local brands that you can wear to celebrate Independence Day. By using local brands, apart from preserving national culture, you also indirectly improve the welfare of local workers.

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