5 Cara Menghasilkan Uang dari Hobi Menulis

5 Ways to Make Money from Your Hobby of Writing

Being able to make money from the hobby that we pursue is certainly a fun thing. Because, usually, if it becomes a hobby, it will be done wholeheartedly and quickly.

Among the many hobbies that can make money, writing is one of the most popular today. Writing services are needed everywhere, especially on digital platforms which are currently spreading. Therefore, if you have a hobby of writing, this is a golden opportunity to earn some money. Here are five ways to make money that you can do with your hobby of writing.

Become a freelance writer.

One way to make money from your hobby of writing is to become a freelance writer. You can offer article writing services, website content, or even books for clients who need them. Make sure you have a strong portfolio and good writing skills to attract potential clients. Apart from that, don't forget to set a price that is appropriate to the quality and quantity of work you do.


Blogging can be a fun and profitable hobby. You can manage your own blog with writing themes that interest you. To create a blog, currently there are many platforms that provide it for free. You just have to produce interesting and useful content consistently. After getting a decent and stable number of readers, you can start earning money from your blog in various ways, including:

  • Added ad settings with Google AdSense
  • Open endorsement
  • Open affiliate deals

Writing in Mass Media

Now many mass media have opened up opportunities for anyone to submit various writings, such as opinions, short stories, features , essays, and others. You can check the newspapers, usually there is an email address that can be used to send articles.

If your writing is successfully published, you will receive an honorarium which will be sent a few days later. So, the amount depends on the length of the writing and the mass media where you write. For an opinion of 300 words, you will usually receive an honorarium of IDR 100,000. Meanwhile, for long writings of more than 1,000 words and broadcast in leading mass media, the honorarium can reach IDR 500,000 to more than IDR 1,000,000.

Writing book

Even though it is often said to be an old way, publishing a book can still be your option to make money from your hobby of writing. You can write various ideas or themes in a manuscript to then offer it to a publisher.

If the publisher is interested, your work will be published and marketed to various places. From there you can get royalties from sales. The royalty amount is usually in the range of 10 to 15 percent of book sales.

Take part in a writing competition

The next way you can do this is by taking part in a writing competition. Currently, there are many writing competitions with various themes that you can take part in. The prizes provided are quite decent, from millions to hundreds of millions, depending on who the organizer is.

So, to win this competition, of course you have to have a strategy, considering that the number of registrants is certainly not small. First, you can do research by reading a lot of literature to find interesting and unique themes. Furthermore, you can also ask a friend, teacher or lecturer to check your writing (proofreading) before sending it to the committee. From there you will get input that can build or improve your work.

Well, those are five ways you can make money from your hobby of writing. You can continue to pursue this world while getting the many benefits it contains. One of them, as the writer Pramoedya Ananta Toer said, "Write and your name will be eternal."

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