5 Ide Bisnis Anak Muda, Bisa dari Rumah!

5 business ideas for young people, you can do it from home!

Want to do business, but want to work from home? What is it? There anything? Come on, take a peek at these 5 young people's business ideas! Who knows, you can start now.

A. Illustrator

Do you like pictures? Try to take advantage and fill your free time by becoming an illustrator or freelance illustrator .

The advantage of being an illustrator, you can be a graphic designer as well as an artist. You can also work on concepts and organize ideas, as well as draw and have art.

Not only that, you also have more freedom to draw in various media. For example, packaging products, posters, magazines, billboards, and drawing in two dimensions and other three dimensions.

How to start?

Start with small steps first. For example, an open illustration of a facial sketch for graduation, graduation , or profile photos on social media.

Also be together with your first potential client contacts, from those closest to you, such as friends. Who knows, your friend has a business and needs a packaging design that is attractive and sells, right?

Regarding equipment, you can use the tools you currently have. For example, smartphone, tablet or laptop. If you have a special pencil for illustration, it would be even better. So, you won't have any trouble drawing the lines.

B. Review services

Do you like reviewing or reviewing products or restaurants around where you live? Just try being a reviewer. Review services are needed a lot, you know.

Starting from reviews of electronic products, services, skincare, food, drinks, snacks, to restaurants or food stalls. Everyone needs reviews so that users can consider and compare products before buying.

How to start?

Several sites provide reviewer vacancies. Certain sites such as GoKuliner, Traveloka, Google Maps, and Tripadvisor are also widely used by reviewers for services, restaurants, food stalls and accommodation they have lived in or visited.

You can also start by becoming a blogger. Create a blog at Blogger.com or Wordpress.com, then write your first review.

Interested in trying this young person's business idea?

C. Buying and selling websites

Creating a website nowadays is easy! For those of you who are used to blogging , of course you are no stranger to creating websites.

While lying down, you can fill in your website content . If your website has high visitors and is tracked in Google searches, then you can sell it.

This means that your website has received the trust of Google. Just place an ad via Google Adsense, you'll make a profit!

How to start?

For those of you who already have a website or blog, check the existence of the website or blog again via Google search. When it is growing and has a high number of visitors, it's time to sell.

You can also sell your website or blog even if you have advertised via Google Adsense. So, your clients are helped in terms of Google search exposure and the number of clicks from visitors.

D. Joint venture streaming application account

This business idea for young people is popular with many, namely a joint venture streaming application account service.

Try opening Twitter. Quite often tweets circulate selling joint accounts for Netflix, Spotify, YouTube Premium, WeTV, iFlix, Vidio, iQiyi, Apple Music, HBO Go, Viu, Disney Hotstar and the like.

Joint streaming application accounts can be a solution for clients who need entertainment, but at an affordable price. But don't worry, security can be guaranteed. How to do it?

How to start?

To sell joint accounts for streaming applications, make sure you have a large internet quota. So you can monitor the joint venture accounts that you provide.

Apart from that, ensure the client's security and personal data, so that it doesn't leak. The joint account business is about trust and service, you know.

Want to try it?

E. Joint venture utility application account

Almost the same as the previous point. The difference is, you sell account sharing services from utility applications. For example Grammarly, Scribd, Canva, VSCO, Wattpad, Picsart, Remini, Alight Motion, Tezza, and the like.

The way to do it is the same, you sell a joint venture account and make sure you have a large internet quota.

Build security and trust in your clients!

Those are 5 business ideas for young people that can be done from home. If you don't try it now, when else?

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