5 Ide Bisnis Minim Modal untuk Mahasiswa dan Fresh Graduate

5 Minimal Capital Business Ideas for Students and Fresh Graduates

Starting a business doesn't always require large capital. There are various businesses that can now be started with minimal capital or even no capital at all. So, this minimal capital business is suitable for students or fresh graduates to try. Apart from being able to add money for college or savings, starting a business can also gain experience to start a bigger business in the future.

In business there are various aspects of self-development that are trained, starting from time and money management, communication, sensitivity, discipline, and many more.

So, what are the minimal capital businesses that students and fresh graduates can try? Below are 5 recommendations that you can use as a reference.

Selling Products or Services on the Marketplace

Currently, many marketplaces have developed that can become business partners in selling products or offering services. For products, some marketplaces have hundreds of millions of visitors every month. Make sure you choose the right marketplace to sell your goods. Also think about selling items that are much sought after and at affordable prices for you.

When you start selling, you can display testimonials from your family or closest friends who you invite to shop at your stall. Make sure they give good ratings and testimonials that describe satisfaction with the services and products you sell. This is very important to convince buyers to shop at your stall.

Meanwhile, to offer services on the marketplace, the process is almost the same as selling goods. You need to determine which marketplace will be your partner and also what types of services you will offer. The good news is, now you can offer more than one service in a marketplace. That will increase your chances of getting client offers.


Dropshipping is the right choice for those of you who want to learn to start a business. You can start this business without spending any capital at all. This is because the principle of dropshipping is to market products from suppliers to buyers. Apart from that, dropshipping also does not require a place to store goods because the supplier will later send them to the buyer on behalf of the dropshipper.

Apart from the various conveniences, you still have to be selective in choosing suppliers. Make sure the supplier provides quality goods, competitive prices, and sufficient quantities so that your assessment will be good in the eyes of buyers. As a dropshipper, you can take a profit of 10-30% of the supplier's price. It is not recommended that you take profits too high because you will be less competitive with your competitors.

Once you have enough experience managing a dropshipping business, there's no harm in starting to market your own products. You can more easily understand market needs and also find the best raw materials for your products. Marketing won't be as difficult as when you started a dropshipping business. Because, you already have your own consumer base from your previous business.

Graphic design

If you have graphic design talent, this is the right moment to develop a business. Because, more and more people or groups need graphic design services nowadays. The key is, you need to be astute in seeing opportunities in your immediate environment, such as college friends, relatives or other relatives. Do they need graphic design services? For example, for souvenirs, t-shirts, invitations, posters, logos, and so on.

Promote your skills to them and provide attractive offers. Don't forget to create your portfolio on social media so they can consider your design skills.


Apart from being a hobby, you can also increase your income through photography. The field of photography provides a very large area for you to start a business, for example by selling photos online through sites, such as shutterstock, pexels.com, 500px.com, and so on. You can also become a campus, company or even food profile photographer.

You can also take part in various photography competitions with attractive prizes. There you will meet many other photographers so you can expand your relationships. Take this opportunity to gain insight and information about the world of professional photography.

Content Writer

It could be said that most of our assignments in college are writing. We are trained to write coherently and responsibly. You can use this good capital to start offering content writing services. However, to become a content writer there are other skills you need to learn, one of which is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques . This technique is needed to make a website appear on the first page of search engines.

The increasing number of businesses switching to digital means that content writing services are much needed. You can start trying it armed with the skills you already have and looking for lots of opportunities from various angles, such as information on vacancies or the relationships you have.

Those are 5 business ideas that students and fresh graduates can try . Digitalization in all areas currently requires everyone to continue to be creative and sharp in seeing opportunities. Make sure you continue to be enthusiastic about looking for these opportunities and learning new things.

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