5 Pameran Seni di Yogyakarta yang Berbarengan dengan ArtJog

5 Art Exhibitions in Yogyakarta that coincide with ArtJog

Apart from being known as the City of Education, Yogyakarta is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Yogyakarta has tourist attractions, including various art performances which are often held in this city. One of the biggest is ArtJog, an annual contemporary art exhibition.

In 2022, ArtJog is planned to be held from 7 July to 4 September 2022 at the Jogja National Museum (JNM). Various works from artists from within and outside the country are ready to enliven ArtJog. Therefore, if you are planning to go on holiday to Yogyakarta, there is no harm in taking the same time as ArtJog.

Apart from that, you will also get the opportunity to watch other art exhibitions. Anything? The following is the complete list.

Sumonar Fest 2022

Sumonar Fest is one of the prestigious light arts festivals in Southeast Asia. This event displays the works of artists from within and outside the country.

At the previous event, tourists were entertained with light art exhibitions projected on the facades of historic buildings in historical buildings in Yogyakarta. One of them is at the Post Office which is a canvas for artists' visual works.

Referring to the Jogja Event Calendar from the local Tourism Office, Sumonar Fest 2022 will be held next July.

For further information, you can contact the Zero Kilometer Area Community on 081280510416 or via Instagram @ sumonarfest .

Entang Wiharso Solo Exhibition at Tirtodipuran Link

The famous painter, Entang Wiharso, will hold a solo exhibition at Tirtodipuran Link from 9 July to 4 September 2022. In collaboration with Srisasanti Gallery, he displays works with the theme "Double Horizon."

This work reveals how Entang has negotiated various conflicting viewpoints from personal and world interactions in the period from 1998 to 2022. Entang is a multidisciplinary artist who is known for responding to various universal issues through investigations of ideology, identity and philosophy.

For those of you who are curious about this exhibition, you can directly visit Srisasanti Gallery's Instagram at @srisasantigallery .

“Offbeat” exhibition at Gajah Gallery

From July 6 to August 6, Gajah Gallery Yogyakarta will hold its first art exhibition in 2022 entitled "Offbeat." This contemporary art exhibition displays various works of art from young Indonesian artists. These artists try to get away from conventional paths or methods and initiate new and unique works of art.

In this exhibition, several activities will also be held that can broaden visitors' knowledge, one of which is a curator tour.

For further information, you can visit Gajah Gallery's Instagram at @gajahgallery.

Nyoman Erawan exhibition at Sangkring Art Project

Approaching Art Jog, you can also see an exhibition by artist Nyoman Erawan at Sangkring Art Space. The exhibition, which will start on July 5 2022, will feature an art wall installation entitled "Song of Earth's Tears." This installation will be placed in the outdoor area of ​​Sangkring Art Space.

For your information, Nyoman Erawan himself is a Balinese artist who actively works in Yogyakarta. He produces works that are soulful reflections of the various life situations he experiences.

You can get more complete information about this exhibition at @sangkringart.

WARTA Exhibition #2 at Jogja Gallery

The next art performance is WARTA #2 which will be held from 6-19 July 2022. WARTA #2 will be held at the Jogja Gallery and can be visited every day from 10.00-18.00 WIB. WARTA #2 seeks to provide news, news and various information about how artists see the world through their eyes. This fine art exhibition was attended by 48 artists, displaying 60 2-dimensional works, 4 3-dimensional works, and 1 video art work.

Before visiting, you need to make a reservation at bi t.ly/ReservasiWARTA2022 . You can get further information via Instagram @jogja_gallery.

These are the five art performances that coincide with ArtJog that you can watch. Don't miss it and get various interesting experiences there.

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