5 Pameran Seni Terkemuka di Indonesia yang Wajib Kamu Ketahui

5 Leading Art Exhibitions in Indonesia that You Must Know

Visiting art exhibitions has now become one of the hobbies of some Indonesians. This cannot be separated from the rise in art exhibitions being held, both permanent and temporary.

The works of art on display generally have a distinctive character and carry cultural aspects from Sabang to Merauke. The artists then pour this wealth into a work or installation that attracts attention. For example, the works of Eko Nugroho, Heri Dono, and Agus Suwage, which are often found at various leading art exhibitions. In fact, their works are worldwide so it would be an advantage if you could see them while they are being exhibited domestically.

So, to further increase your references regarding art, here are the five leading art exhibitions in Indonesia.

Art Jog

Art Jog is a contemporary art exhibition that is regularly held every year. Art Jog itself was first held in 2008. Initially, Art Jog took place at the Yogyakarta Cultural Park. However, since 2016 the location of Art Jog has moved to the Jogja National Museum (JNM).

Art Jog presents various works from domestic and foreign artists. Apart from that, there are also curators, workshops, contemporary music and dance performances which also enliven Art Jog. With its excitement, Art Jog is often referred to as a space that brings together interesting artistic and creative ideas.

The presence of Art Jog in the past few years has actually succeeded in becoming a magnet for local and foreign tourists. This year, Art Jog is planned to be held again from 7 July 2022 to 4 September 2022.

Art Jakarta

Almost similar to Art Jog, Art Jakarta is a contemporary art exhibition held every year in Jakarta. The exhibition, which was first held in 2009, presented various works of art from within and outside the country.

Every year, Art Jakarta carries a different concept. For example, in 2022, Art Jakarta will be present through Art Jakarta Gardens which brings a fresh, innovative and open feel. The exhibition was held for eight days in the City Forest by Plataran. This is the first live exhibition during the pandemic after two previous years of exhibitions being held virtually.

Jakarta Biennale

Next, the exhibition that you should visit is the Jakarta Biennale. The Jakarta Biennale is a contemporary art exhibition that has a long history in the development of art in Indonesia.

Initially, this art exhibition was held under the name of the Great Exhibition of Indonesian Painting in 1968. Subsequently, this exhibition changed its name to the Jakarta Biennale in 1975 and to the Fine Arts Biennale in 1993. Having been on hiatus for a while, this exhibition returned under the name Jakarta Biennale in 2006.

The Jakarta Biennale exhibits various works of art, such as paintings and installations from Indonesian and foreign artists. This exhibition also opens up opportunities for anyone to display their work.

Most recently, the Jakarta Biennale was held from 21 November 2021 to 21 January 2022. This exhibition was held in several places, namely the National Museum, Menteng Park, the National Gallery and the National Awakening Museum.

Jogja Biennale

The Jogja Biennale is an art exhibition that is usually held every two years in several places in Yogyakarta. This exhibition, which focuses on fine art, was first held in 1988.

Furthermore, entering 2011 the Jogja Biennale introduced the concept of the equator biennale by involving artists from various countries in the equatorial region, such as India, Nigeria, Brazil, countries in the Southeast Asia region, and Arab countries. The public can also enjoy various quality works of art from abroad.

With this system, the Jogja Biennale tries to develop a new perspective in art exhibitions. The concept of the equator is the starting point and forum for 're-reading' the world. Large text.

Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD)

Lastly, the art exhibition that you must know about is Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD). This exhibition, which began being held in 2009, presents works of contemporary art and design on a large scale. Not only works of fine art, but ICAD also presents installations and fashion designs.

ICAD strives to be a pioneer of collaboration between art, design and technology. Therefore, ICAD exhibitions usually involve various painters, designers, photographers, and so on.

Located at the Granddekang Hotel, South Jakarta, ICAD comes with a different theme every year. At the 2021 event, ICAD raised the theme 'Public' as an inseparable element of art. This year ICAD again opens opportunities for anyone who wants to showcase their project.

These are the five leading art exhibitions in Indonesia that can broaden your insight and love of art. So, where do you have plans to visit?

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