5 Platform Freelance yang Bisa Kamu Coba untuk Memulai Karier

5 Freelance Platforms You Can Try to Start Your Career

For the Millennial and Gen Z generations, pursuing a career as a freelancer is an attractive option. There are at least two reasons that make freelance work so popular nowadays. First, freelancing offers the concept of flexibility, both in terms of time, place and number of jobs taken. A freelance worker is free to work anytime and anywhere. They can also take double jobs or even triple jobs as long as they can really manage them well.

The second reason, freelance work provides an opportunity for Millennials and Gen Z to expand their network as much as possible. With the various clients they will meet, they have the opportunity to get other career opportunities in the future. Wow, interesting isn't it?

The increasing demand for careers as freelancers cannot be separated from the increasing number of people and companies who need their services. There are various platforms that provide various types of freelance work, ranging from writing, video, photos, data entry , design, and many more.

Want to know more about how you can take opportunities anywhere? Here are 5 freelance platforms that you can try to start your career.


Upwork is known as one of the largest freelance work provider platforms. This platform from the United States has various types of jobs that you can apply for, including Development and IT; Design and Creative; Sales and Marketing; Admin and Customer Support ; Writing and Translation; Architecture; Legal; and many more.

How to get started is quite easy. You only need to register and then complete your profile. After that, look for job advertisements that are being posted and follow the bidding process .

If you want to know more about Upwork, you can directly visit the official website at www.upwork.com.


Clickworker is a freelance job provider platform that has recently become a hot topic of conversation among netizens. Quoting from its website, Clickworker has 3.6 million freelancers spread across Asia, Europe and America. This platform focuses on providing jobs in the fields of writing, translation, research and data processing.

Before looking for work on Clickworker, you need to register first. Fill in your personal data, starting from your full name, username, email address, to password . Next, fill in your date of birth, country of origin, address and telephone number. Clickworker guarantees that all data written is confidential and is only used for communication, payment and assessment purposes.

Are you increasingly curious about Clickworker? You can directly visit the official website at clickworker.com.


Fastwork is a freelance platform from Thailand which has now developed in Indonesia. There are various service areas that you can offer here, including graphic design; writing and translation; web and programming; visuals and audio; marketing and advertising; consulting services; and lifestyle.

You can register immediately by preparing your KTP and bank account to be verified. Next, don't forget to upload your portfolio for the Fastwork team to check later. After that, you can immediately place an advertisement about yourself. The more often you are online , the greater your chance of getting a job because it makes it easier for customers to discuss things.

To find out more about Fastwork, you can directly visit the official website at fastwork.id.


The following platforms are quite popular among graphic designers. Graphic designer services are one of the most popular categories for service users on Fiverr. This platform itself has been operating for quite a long time, namely for the first time in 2012. Fiverr is a freelance job marketplace that can be used all over the world. This way, your chances of getting freelance work will be even greater.

To join as a freelancer on Fiverr you need to sign up and create a Gig (a kind of stall) first. Well, what is a bit different, the freelancer here will be referred to as the seller while the client acts as the buyer.

For complete information about Fiverr, you can visit the official site at fiverr.com.


The last platform you can try is Sribulancer. This freelance job provider platform is the work of the nation's son, Ryan Gondokusumo, which was founded in 2014. There are many fields that you can offer at Sribulancer, such as video and photography; translation; data entry; mobile application development ; online business and marketing ; branding design and identity; writing, and much more.

To register at Sribulancer, you just need to sign up with your active email. Freelancers will only be charged a 10% commission fee from the total value of work successfully completed.

Isn't that quite a platform to start freelance work ? Don't forget to prepare your portfolio as best as possible and arrange your service offer attractively.

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