5 Rekomendasi Album Musik Untuk Akhir Pekan

5 Recommended Music Albums for the Weekend

Weekends are the right time to refresh your mind after a full week of work. It's natural that most workers always look forward to this moment.

Usually weekends are filled with various activities that are different from the effective weekday routine. Some people fill it with exercise, cooking, gardening, traveling, or just relaxing with their family. So, to accompany your weekend, it would be more fun if accompanied by a few selected songs. According to various research, listening to songs is good for health, such as reducing stress effectively. Apart from that, listening to songs can also help someone focus more and explore emotions.

Therefore, below we present five recommendations for music albums that are perfect to accompany your weekend.

Man from Sincere

Human is the fourth album from Tulus which was released in March 2022. This pop genre album has ten songs which contain various feelings experienced by humans. Tulus wrote it by taking inspiration he found in several people.

The album 'Human' managed to debut in 3rd place on Spotify's Top Global Debut Albums as of March 4-6 2022. In fact, one of the songs, 'Be Careful on the Road' managed to break the record for most plays on Spotify Indonesia with a number of streams of almost 1 million listeners. There are several songs included in the Human album, namely:

  • Be careful on the way
  • Seventeen
  • Wandering
  • Remedy
  • Interaction
  • Deny
  • Fall in Love
  • Nala
  • Self
  • One time

Red by Taylor Swift

Some time ago Taylor Swift received an Honorary Doctorate from New York University (NYU) and had the opportunity to give a 20 minute speech. In it, Taylor said 90 percent of the main reason he was there was because he had a song called '22'. This song, which was released in 2012, is included in Taylor's fourth album entitled 'Red.'

Red is one of Taylor's most successful works, containing several songs that can provide motivation and display various human emotions. This album successfully sold 1.2 million copies in the first week after its release.

Through the album 'Red', Taylor tried to experiment with pop, rock and electronic genres. The songs included in the Red album include:

  • 22
  • Ed
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  • Begin Again
  • I Knew You Were Trouble
  • Everything Has Changed
  • The Last Time

Day by Day from Mocca

At the end of 2020, the band Mocca released the album Day by Day to celebrate their 21st anniversary. Mocca, which often combines pop and swing jazz, presents several songs, such as:

  • Day by Day
  • Brand New Day
  • Love You on Tuesday
  • Simple I Love You
  • Everything is Gonna be Fine
  • There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel
  • All The Way
  • When performing these songs, Mocca collaborated with musician Vega Antares (keyboards, guitar and backing vocals); Nanin Wardhani (accordion and keyboards); Akbari “Bane” Hakin (trumpet); Enrico Octaviano (synthesizer); and Hiroaki Kato (backing vocals).

    Through collaboration, Mocca hopes that this album can introduce them to new listeners as well as expand their listeners abroad. For this reason, Mocca has also prepared a Japanese version of the song 'All the Way' which is circulating exclusively in digital format in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

    Amen from Rich Brian

    Amen is Rich Brian's international debut album which was released in 2018. With a strong hip-hop feel, Rich Brian performed 14 songs and some of them collaborated with other musicians. These songs include:

  • Amen
  • Glow Like Date
  • Cold
  • Occupied
  • Little Prince ft. NIKI

    This rapper's first album , born in 1999, could be said to be quite successful. Apart from making him the first Asian artist to top the iTunes hip hop charts, Amen's album also managed to enter the Billboard chart.

    Beatbox by NCT ​​Dream

    The final recommendation comes from the world of K-Pop, namely the Beatbox album from NCT Dream which has just been released. This album is a repackage of NCT Dream's second album which carries the concept of 'old-school hip hop' by highlighting the members' hip hop side.

    This album, which contains 15 songs, consists of 11 songs from the Glitch Mode album and the addition of four new songs, namely Beatbox, On The Way, To My First, and Sorry, Heart.

    Those are the recommendations for five albums that you can listen to on the weekend, and don't forget to listen to the albums above via the official music platform!

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