7 Cara Menstimulasi Kreativitas di Waktu Senggang

7 Ways to Stimulate Creativity in Your Free Time

When people have free time, they tend to choose to relax or rest. However, free time can also be a moment to stimulate creativity.

Of course, this is not done with routine work that is usually done, but in ways that can refresh your mind both inside and outside the home. Anything? Read in full, here are 7 ways you can stimulate your free time.

Go for a walk

Quoting from Very Well Mind, a 2014 study found that people tend to be more creative when they walk around rather than just sitting. Because, doing regular physical activity can play an important role in improving and protecting a person's cognitive abilities.

Therefore, when you have free time, try walking around the location around you and see the reaction, whether creativity will slowly emerge.

Chat with Friends or Family

Creativity sometimes arises from external parties, such as friends or family. When you have free time, try to build interactions with them. Apart from being able to strengthen interpersonal relationships, it can also be a place to brainstorm ideas. This is the right solution rather than just thinking about it alone. Because, in brainstorming, you and they will share your thoughts to find the right solution or innovation.

To provide a relaxed conversation moment, don't forget to add a cup of drink and a plate of snacks.

Read a book

Experts conclude that reading books can stimulate the right side of the brain so that it can help expand a person's imagination. By reading, you have opened your mind to various new concepts and possibilities.

Imagination itself basically encourages creativity and innovative thinking. Without imagination, the various advances and works that we see today would not be possible.

In fact, scientist Albert Einstein believed that imagination was more important than knowledge. He said, if you have an extraordinary imagination, you can also create and invent more than the average person who is not so imaginative.

Watching movies

Who doesn't like watching movies when they have free time? Most people will probably like it. Apart from being entertainment, watching films can also stimulate creativity. Because, in the various films you watch, some inspiration will usually emerge, whether from the way the characters think, how they do things, and so on.


In this era of technological sophistication, instead of filling your free time with games or googling, try letting yourself sink into boredom once in a while. In one study, bored participants performed better on creativity tests than those who appeared happy, relaxed, or depressed. Additionally, in another study, researchers found that boredom gives people time to daydream, which then leads them to more creativity.

Why is that? Boredom basically encourages creative thinking because at that time the brain sends signals that the current situation or environment is lacking. Therefore, your mind will be moved to look for new ideas and inspiration to help overcome it.

Listening to music

It's no secret that listening to music can reduce anxiety and improve a person's mood. In fact, listening to certain types of music can also stimulate a person's creativity. In the PLOS ONE journal , listening to "happy" music can lead a person to a flexible thinking style or one that leads to innovative ideas.

Then what about other music genres ? All types of music can stimulate your creativity, as long as you really like it. That feeling of happiness can make you think more flexibly.


Meditation is better known as a way to relax. In fact, apart from that, meditation can also improve divergent thinking - a thinking process that can explore various creative ideas in finding a solution to a problem - because at that time you are receiving every thought and sensation without focusing on a particular object or idea.

Those are 7 ways that you can apply to stimulate creativity in your free time. You can try all the methods above and apply them alternately. That will prevent you from feeling bored and help you find the most effective formulation.Large text.

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