7 Ide Bisnis Kreatif dan Inovatif yang Layak Kamu Coba

7 Creative and Innovative Business Ideas That You Should Try

In this era of intense competition, one of the keys to success in business is applying creativity and innovation. Creativity makes a business more interesting because it is different from what already exists. Meanwhile, innovation is the implementation of creativity, starting from the introduction of ideas, solutions, processes, to the creation of a new product.

From these two principles, various creative businesses are now developing that are enlivening the market. Moreover, when the pandemic has subsided like now, creative businesses are starting to show bright prospects. Various creative products are needed to support activities that can now be held directly.

You can also take advantage of this opportunity by starting a creative and innovative business. If you don't have an idea yet, don't worry. Below are 7 references for creative and innovative business ideas that you can consider trying.

  • Creations from Upcycling Used Cans
  • It turns out that used cans that are scattered around can be upcycled to create products that have useful and aesthetic value, such as tea sets, cracker tins, and so on. Unlike the recycling process which destroys an item and makes it into a new, different item, in the upcycling process you mean recycling without losing the original form of an item. You can transform an item into something new from its design or appearance.

  • Aesthetic Fashion from Used Keyboards
  • Have you ever thought that an unused computer keyboard could also be transformed into an aesthetic fashion product? Starting from glasses, sandals, helmets, vests to gloves, everything can be made from your computer keyboard.

    The process might be a little complicated because you have to really make sure the keyboard sequence sticks together according to your design. However, you can learn the techniques so you can create wearable products.

    Indonesian artist, Alfaz Syam, has proven that fashion creations from used keyboards can be accepted by customers. In fact, he often gets orders from foreign customers.

  • Pet Furniture
  • If you observe, the number of cat and dog lovers in Indonesia continues to increase from year to year. Some cat or dog lovers even have special accounts on social media for their pets. The animals' adorable and clever behavior has made them have hundreds of thousands of followers.

    You can take advantage of this condition by opening a pet furniture manufacturing business. There are many designs you can make, such as houses, beds, cat trees, play areas, and many more.

    You can invite collaboration with cat or dog celebrities who already have a follower base on social media to market your product. Collaboration with them will make your product more widely known. Make sure they give good testimonials about the furniture you made, OK?

  • Furniture from used waste
  • Furniture designers use many ways to create creations with minimal environmental impact. One of them is making various furniture products such as chairs and tables from waste paper to replace wood.

    Apart from helping reduce the number of tree fellings, this alternative can also produce stronger products. Used paper mixture combined with a mixture of glue will produce a fire-resistant product. However, it tends to be less resistant to damp conditions. Therefore, you need to pay careful attention to setting the room temperature.

  • Environmentally Friendly Food/Drink Packaging Design
  • As the campaign to save the earth becomes more intense, various environmentally friendly products are now increasingly in demand, one of which is food or drink packaging. You can also open up business opportunities from packaging design by collecting environmentally friendly raw materials, such as cardboard, wood, leaves, and others.

    To create packaging products that are able to compete in the market, you should pay attention to at least two values, namely ergonomics and aesthetics. Ergonomic value means that the use of your product contains elements of safety and comfort. Meanwhile, aesthetic value refers to how eye-catching your product is. In food or drink packaging, you can choose a simple design and bright colors which imply that your product is environmentally friendly

  • Handmade Soap from Natural Ingredients
  • The trend for an environmentally friendly lifestyle continues to increase. This could also be a business opportunity for you by taking advantage of the existing moment, for example by producing soap from natural ingredients, such as fruit, tea and coffee. Apart from being safe and healthy to use, the raw materials for making it are also easy to obtain.

    Now, regarding the manufacturing process itself, there are at least four methods that you need to understand first. It starts with melting and pouring; cold process; hot process; and re-pour. By understanding each method, you can determine which method best suits your creative product.

    It doesn't stop there, you also need to think about the packaging. Make the packaging as attractive as possible which gives a natural impression of your homemade soap, for example by adding cardboard and hemp rope.

  • Crafts from Clay
  • For those of you who are good at drawing, this could be an interesting choice. You can create clay into unique products, such as coasters, cups, frames, and others. This product has attracted a lot of consumer interest because it is environmentally friendly and can be designed according to their wishes.

    Currently, there are many tutorials for making crafts from clay available on the internet. You can also learn it autodidactically. Make sure to hone your skills regularly to improve product quality.

    Those are 7 creative business ideas that are worth trying. Choose the type of business that suits your passion and abilities. Do market research before you start pursuing one of them.

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