7 Peluang Karier Buat Kamu Penulis Muda

7 Career Opportunities for Young Writers

Good news for you young writers! Currently, there are more and more career opportunities available for you, starting from content writers, journalists, and many more.

Writing cannot be separated from all aspects of business. Every company needs writing to introduce or promote their business. Likewise, in the writing industry, writers are always sought after who are able to present new works that can attract the hearts of the public.

So, for you young writers, here are 7 career opportunities that you can try.

Content Writer

The first career opportunity that you can choose is to become a content writer . A content writer is needed to produce writing that can build an image and increase reader engagement with a company .

In the current digital era, many companies need content writers to support the continuity of their business. Generally, companies look for content writers who understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques so that their websites can appear on the first page of search engines.


Sometimes some people are still confused between the professions of content writer and copywriter, even though both are different from each other. As reported by Forbes, a copywriter is a writer who creates content to persuade people to take action after reading it. For example, if you work for a company that sells product 'A' then your job is to convince people to buy that product.

The process of creating content is known as copywriting. The resulting content is generally shorter than the content writer's writing.

So, to hone your copywriting skills , you can start learning the basics of persuasive writing, read more, study advertising, and practice writing regularly.

Ghost Writer

The next career opportunity is to become a ghost writer. A ghost writer is a writer who writes to be credited to someone else. There are various types of writing that a ghost writer can write, including autobiographies, articles, speeches and non-fiction books. Usually there are no ghost writers who are contracted to write fiction projects.

It could be said that the profession of ghost writer is a level more difficult than content writing or copywriting. This is because ghost writing service users generally come from popular circles, such as artists, national figures, and so on. Therefore, before becoming a ghost writer, you need to expand your network.


Journalism is the right profession for those of you who want to improve your writing skills while increasing your knowledge and network. You will be required to keep up to date on current issues according to your desk . For example, if you are at the lifestyle desk, it is mandatory to follow developments in various current lifestyles, from fashion, make-up, sports, food, and many more.

After that, you will write it into a piece of news, which can be in the form of hard news, feature, listicle, or long-form. Your writing will be supervised by editors who have more writing experience so that you gain knowledge that will be useful for improving your writing skills in the future. Apart from that, you will have the opportunity to get to know various sources which will automatically expand your network.

Script Writer

Script writers basically cover a fairly broad field. The services of a script writer are often needed to write television show scripts, storytelling videos, video blogs, web series, and much more. They will be in charge of developing the storyline, dialogue, or characters that will be displayed.

With this task, script writers are required to always be creative so that the resulting work can attract a large audience. If you are interested in becoming a script writer, you can start honing your creativity by regularly brainstorming, trying new things, and doing more research.

Fiction Writer

Furthermore, if you are someone who likes writing fiction, such as poetry, short stories or novels, career opportunities for this type of writing will always be open. In the midst of busyness and busy routines, people will still need reading that can make them rest or be entertained for a moment.

So, to write fiction you need a strong imagination so that the ideas expressed can attract many readers. Besides that, if you choose to write a novel, the main key is being able to present a mature plot. An immature plot will make the writing stretch all over the place. Therefore, you can work around this by preparing the ending of the story when you start writing so that the plot can focus.

Technical Writer

The next opportunity is to become a technical writer. Maybe you have heard it often by now. A technical writer is tasked with writing instructions, guides and frequently asked questions (FAQ) . This article is useful for helping consumers and other users to use a product or platform.

To become a technical writer, you need to really know the ins and outs of a product or platform. Apart from that, you also have to really know your potential audience. That way, you can conceptualize the most suitable writing style for them.

Wow, aren't there lots of career opportunities for you young writer? So which career opportunity will you choose? Make sure it matches your interests so you can enjoy the work.

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