8 Ciri-ciri Orang Kreatif

8 Characteristics of Creative People

In the midst of the emergence of various innovations that are increasingly developing in today's modern era, having a creative spirit is certainly very necessary.

This can sometimes have such a big impact. Like always feeling insecure, inferior, and always afraid to express their opinion because they feel that their ideas are mediocre or even afraid of being considered uncreative. This of course will hinder a person from developing.

In fact, did you know that everyone in this world has the potential to be creative?

Some people have a creative spirit from an early age. But actually creativity is a skill that can be honed. So, maybe you have it but don't realize it yet, so you haven't honed it well. Therefore, it would be good if you know what the characteristics of a creative person are.

The following are characteristics of creative people that you might not even realize you have!

1. Likes to fantasize

The fantasies in question are not fantasies that are beyond common sense, OK? Like having super powers, being able to turn back time, or something like that. However, the dream that creative people have is having ideas that are out of the box and still sticking to reality.

The brilliant ideas they have are not just kept, but they will try their best to make them a reality. In other words, creative people tend to provide imaginative solutions that other people have not thought of and tend to think are impossible.

One example is the online motorcycle taxi service which is currently used by almost all groups. Long before this type of service appeared, perhaps things like ordering a motorbike taxi via a cellphone application, ordering food, or asking a stranger to clean our house sounded like mere fantasy. But now, the originator of the idea for online motorcycle taxi services has proven that his imagination can be realized in the real world.

2. Don't get tired easily

Have you ever felt that you are always enthusiastic about doing anything? Even when the people around you feel tired, you still have enough energy to carry out activities or complete your work. If so, maybe you are a creative person!

Creative people are physically and mentally very energetic. They are able to spend a long time doing something they enjoy with enthusiasm. Creative people tend to be imaginative, curious about many things, and focused when contemplating things that interest them.

However, that doesn't mean that creative people are hyperactive, right? Creative people really understand the limits of their abilities. They know very well when to rest and when to return to their activities.

3. Likes to play, but remains disciplined

Creative people are often considered a bit "confusing", because they have two contradictory characteristics. They tend to seem like they like to "play around", but are also very diligent in carrying out their work and responsibilities. The "play" in question is a combination of an active attitude and feelings of curiosity about something.

Creative people are able to work for hours and are even willing to stay up late to get maximum results. According to them, real creativity is a combination of hobby or "fun" and hard work.

4. Has an ambivert personality

In general, each person only has one personality, namely introvert or extrovert. But this does not apply to creative people. According to a study, creative people have two personalities, or what is also called an ambivert.

Creative people are able to absorb energy when gathering with their closest relatives to generate ideas, but also really appreciate time alone to develop these ideas and explore their creativity.

So, don't be surprised if you sometimes feel happy when you're with your friends, but sometimes you also really want to be alone to focus on your work. Because that means you are a creative person!

5. Have a strong passion

People with creative souls will really love the work they do, and will always be enthusiastic to complete every task and responsibility they receive.

Even though they seem very enthusiastic about completing their work, they also have an objective, critical attitude and are willing to accept any criticism. Creative people are able to differentiate between ego and other things that have an influence on increasing their own capacity and honing their creativity.

6. Proud of the achievements achieved

Proud and arrogant are of course two different things. The characteristics of creative people are that they tend to feel proud of each achievement, but also remain humble. The success they have achieved proves that their efforts so far have not been in vain.

Yup! As has been said before, creative people really love their work. So that when other people like their work, they will be proud and feel that their efforts have not been in vain.

Creative people can usually judge their work for themselves, whether it is worthy or not. However, this is not their main focus. Creative people prioritize new ideas or the work they will tackle next.

7. Has a “Rebellious” Side

Creative people think differently from other people or out of the box. So they tend to feel uncomfortable with any formal rules or arrangements. In fact, they do not hesitate to debate and protest, if they think this could hinder their creativity.

However, before expressing their opinion, creative people will usually go with the flow first, especially in a new environment. Because creative people usually really respect every pre-existing rule.

On the other hand, creative people can be conservative, but don't like being too restrained. Creative people are well aware that every job must be limited by rules. However, they realize that everything requires innovation, including existing regulations.

8. Have a great sense of curiosity

The desire to know that creative people have is enormous. They will do anything to gather information about things that interest them. Moreover, this information can hone their creativity.

They will try hard to collect it, starting from reading books, communicating with other people, and even doing direct observation if necessary.

This is also what makes creative people really like challenges and are not afraid to try new things. They dare to take any risks and are not afraid to face failure.

If you have the characteristics mentioned above, you may be included in the group of creative people. However, if these characteristics are not visible in you, it does not mean that you are not creative. Because as has been said before, everyone can hone their creativity by reading more, not being afraid to try new things, and continuing to try to find inspiration and ideas that are out of the box.

It should also be noted that research states that creative people do not always have a high IQ. This means that everyone can channel their creative ideas and don't need to be afraid to express them.

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