Apa Itu Video Mapping?

What is Video Mapping?

Do you remember, in 2018, the National Monument (Monas) in Jakarta was decorated with a video mapping attraction with a beautiful blue batik motif? At that time, one of the shampoo brands carried out a campaign activation involving a video mapping attraction . However, video mapping has actually been done for a long time, even from early 2010.

Maybe you are still unfamiliar with what is called video mapping . Simply put, video mapping is a work of art that combines visual design, architecture and digital technology. Usually video mapping takes the form of video that is projected onto areas with complex and non-flat structures such as buildings, stacks of boxes, or even a temple.

Video mapping is usually enjoyed at night or in a dark place so that there is a contrast between the projection colors and the dark background , thus creating bright and clear projection colors. By using special software , video mapping can create the illusion of objects hit by video projection light. This is why video mapping is also often referred to as projection mapping.

Interestingly, this light projection can give the eye the illusion of the object in the spotlight of the projection. With the right video and lighting, the shape of the projection area that is in the spotlight can appear to change shape, such as collapsing, swelling, or burning. Not only are videos and images visually interesting, music and various sound effects are also needed to enrich the optical illusion presented on the projected object.

Video mapping can be an advertising medium for various companies. Not only for business purposes, video mapping is also often used as a media for promotional activities or celebrations. One of them is the video mapping of Monas at the 2018 Asian Games. A well-known video mapping work is the work of Adi Panuntun's studio, Sembilan Matahari, at the Fatahillah Museum, Kota Tua, Jakarta, and Gedung Sate, Bandung.

There are several types of video mapping . The first is architectural, as has been done in many historic buildings. The second type is projection onto an object, it could be a car or other objects. Apart from that, video mapping can also be projected onto a transparent or holographic screen , onto the surface of water, even onto smoke. Some video mapping also has interactive features that make a work of art more interesting.

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