Aplikasi Augmented Reality Made in Indonesia, Salah Satunya karya Stella dan Octagon Studio

Augmented Reality Application Made in Indonesia, one of which is the work of Stella and Octagon Studio

The figure of Vincent is Stella

Vincentya Stella, or usually called Stella, works as Chief Marketing Officer and Director at Octagon Studio.

What is unique is that Stella's previous educational background came from interior design. Likewise with his team, but they are sure that previous experience does not limit their passion in the world of Augmented Reality.

Vincentya Stella's work with her team, Octagon Studio, is already known throughout the world. The AR application they created was nominated for the Augmented World Expo Auggies Award in Silicon Valley in 2014 and 2015.

The applications that succeeded in bringing Octagon to the exhibition in Silicon Valley were Permata Bintang, London History AR, Circle of Life AR Ap, and Animal 4D+.

And in the end, Octagon Studio was no longer a nominee. Stella and Octagon Studio won the “Best App award” and “Rising Star award” at the Wearable Technology Show in London in 2016.

Stella's work in augmented reality technology certainly also inspires young people to enter the world of technology. Of course, Octagon Studio also motivates Indonesian augmented reality fans to work.

The AR application created by Stella also encourages other nation's children. Of course, there are AR applications that have been successfully produced by local Indonesian start-ups that you can pay attention to. Here are three AR applications that are definitely made in Indonesia.

1. Animals 4D+

One of the AR applications created by Octagon Studio combines a card game with a 3D application. Augmented Reality technology in the 4D+ application is suitable for teaching children about the world of fauna.

Amazingly, this game helped the speech delay problem of one autistic child in London. Stella herself heard direct testimony from a disabled teacher in London, after introducing this game to her autistic student (hyperlink to podcast).

This application is free, but you must have an Animal 4D+ card first. You can buy it via e-commerce, such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and many more.

After that, all you have to do is scan the Animal 4D+ card with the camera on your device. Experience for yourself the experience of seeing 26 characters on Animal 4D+ cards with Octagon Studio. Apart from telling about the origins of animals, this application also displays the original sounds of each animal. You can also give your character food in 4D.


Have you ever tried the Pokemon Go game?

The MINAR application is similar to the Pokemon Go game, but the difference is that you get money from playing MINAR.

This AR application created by the company WIR Global can actually make money.

Simply download and start playing the application to earn points which can later be exchanged with their partners.

By scanning the environment around you, and prepare your cellphone to get prizes. Find treasures in MINAR, exchange your treasures and get prizes.

This augmented reality application apparently opens up opportunities for large companies and MSMEs to partner. So, the MINAR application not only benefits players but also benefits entrepreneurs.

3. Looke Beauty App

Augmented reality technology developed by one of the local brand companies which has succeeded in developing augmented reality technology for their e-commerce.

You can download it and immediately try the make-up colors they sell.

Looke Beauty App also turns out to be the first augmented reality application in Indonesia produced by a local make-up company.

4. Tini Wini Biti Magic Face

This game, which is presented in the form of an augmented reality application, is in collaboration with a snack company in Indonesia.

Apart from that, this game is children-friendly, suitable for toddlers and toddlers. At Tini Wini Biti Magic Face, they display children's characters and games in 4D.

By having the card and downloading the application, you can experience playing Augmented Reality.

This game is free, but you have to earn coins from buying their snacks.

After seven years of being involved in the world of Augmented Reality, Stella feels that this technology can actually be developed further.

It turns out that augmented reality applications can be an educational tool for children, as Octagon Studio does with its products. Or augmented reality applications can also be developed for the medical world, translating languages, showing goods in 3D, promotions, and many other benefits that can be felt from Augmented Reality technology.

In Indonesia, technology is not something foreign to us. Many companies are growing in technology these days, but it is difficult for them to maintain it.

Together with Vincentya Stella, in this podcast he talks a lot about his projects during his career at Octagon Studio. During her career, it turns out that Stella is currently working at one of the unicorn startup companies in Indonesia. It turns out that Stella's interest in technology continues to bring her to work.

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