Cara bisnis ala Dendy Darman, CEO dari distro UNKL 347

The business method of Dendy Darman, CEO of the UNKL 347 distro

Get to know Dendy Darman

Take a peek at how to do local brand business with the CEO of UNKL 347, a distro pioneer throughout Indonesia.

Who doesn't know UNKL347, one of the hit distros from the 90s that is still around today.

Want to know how to do business like Dendy but are afraid to start? Or are you confused about what you should do?

So, in this article you will find out how Dendy Darman built his distro, UNKL347 and Darman Studio, which are still widely discussed today. Instead of being curious, let's read this article further.

One of the pioneers of local clothing brands in Indonesia, The Godfather of distros, who else if not Dendy Darman. In 1996, Dendy Darman started his career building UNKL 347 together with his team. Until now, the name UNKL 347 as a local brand is still and continues to soar high. In fact, it's not just Indonesia, this local brand has traveled the world to the international stage.

According to Dendy, the opportunity to create distros in this era is getting bigger. Plus, many young people are now social media savvy, making it easier for them to promote goods through platforms.

Having been established for 25 years, Dendy Darman's work is recognized as having had a major influence on the world of distro design and development in Indonesia. With only 50 thousand capital, Dendy dared to enter the world of creative industry. Not only that, Dendy shared many tips for today's young people, how Dendy does business to keep his distro popular to this day.


Yep, really reckless.

His experience of collecting 50 thousand from each team as capital was one of the most daring things that Dendy and his team did in building their distro business. A total of 500 thousand was their capital to build a local fashion brand in 1996, at that time Dendy and his team dared to pursue a career in the creative industry.

Dendy's educational background is far from business, but even as an artist, Dendy requires him to learn to manage finances, know how to promote, have the courage to carry out the process to successfully run his distro to this day. As a young person who wants to build a business, you must have the courage to learn, the courage to decide, and have firm determination. Who knows, your recklessness will make you successful, like what happened to Dendy at UNKL347.


One of the things you have to develop while you are young is networking. Because networking will really help you in developing and marketing your business.

Social media is the easiest way to establish communication which helps you connect with many people. Enter the community that you are interested in, look for discussion friends who have the same hobbies. Because expanding your networking also helps you to find ideas for doing business.

If you want to know how to start a business, for example a local brand shoe business, you can easily find a vendor. If you want to start a distro business like UNKL 347, it will be easy for you to find a graphic design artist for your t-shirts. Or you feel stuck with your business, you can start collaborating.

Everything you get by networking. Moreover, with social media, the way you build relationships with people will be easier.


Have you ever heard the term burning money? This term was apparently used by Dendy and his team when introducing the UNKL347 distro at that time. Creating events did not always bring profits for him as a local brand at that time, especially since the business they were running was still relatively new at that time. At the start of his work, Dendy felt that there was a lack of media to publicize his distro at that time, to the point that Dendy had to create his own media to publicize his local brand.

It's not just about burning money, one thing you need to remember is that what you do also has an intangible impact. For a career in the business world, what needs to be considered first is not just profit, but business methods to build brand awareness of your product. You can use social media or also use the power of the mouth, word of mouth. Testimonials from buyers can be an asset for your business brand publication.

Look for a supportive environment

The environment is not only a discussion mentor, but the environment in which you live will influence you in doing business. Because building a business is not just conceptualizing it, many young people are stuck in the process of conceptualizing their business.

Hearing Dendy Darman's story inspires you how to do local brand business, build distros, but you feel that your current environment doesn't support it. You have difficulty finding production vendors or raw materials, this prevents you from realizing your business idea.

Dendy revealed that one of the environments that supports him in building a local brand business is in Bandung. Because according to him, the atmosphere and manufacturing in Bandung supported them not just in conceptualizing, but realizing their idea into a brand.

Decide on a business and start getting out of your comfort zone, that's how you can realize the business idea that you have been dreaming of all this time.

This is Dendy's secret to maintaining the UNKL347 distro as a pioneering local brand in the fashion sector to this day. Not only focusing on profits, the way they do business is also getting to know each other's business identity. Apart from that, in building a business in the creative industry, you can determine the environment and friendships that will bring benefits to your business.

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