Cara Kreatif dan Unik untuk Mengembangkan Kepercayaan Diri

Creative and Unique Ways to Develop Self-Confidence

Having self-confidence can take you far in realizing various dreams. You will walk without caring about other people's views and only feel and think about your own abilities.

On the other hand, if you feel less confident, it will hinder your steps in opening the doors to success ahead. You will be filled with feelings of anxiety, worry, shame, and think yourself less competent. However, that feeling may not be entirely true. Your abilities may exceed what you imagine.

If that's the case, like it or not, you have to start having high self-confidence. Some well-known figures who appear confident are not immediately born with that feeling. Self-confidence is something that is formed and goes through a long process. For example, it is formed starting from changing your mindset about yourself to continuing to practice until you become proficient.

However, on the other hand, there are also unusual ways that you can apply to increase your self-confidence. Creative and unique ways will help you practice without having to feel burdened and you can focus more on getting to know yourself. Below are seven methods that you can try.

  • Dress like the figure you want
  • The clothes you wear can have an impact on your self-confidence and productivity. The more you like the clothes, the more confident you will be in meeting people, giving opinions, or just being more enthusiastic about carrying out various routine activities. In short, this is like pseudo empowerment where you can feel the benefits indirectly.

    Try to imagine what clothes best reflect you. You can recognize this from the style, color, type of fabric, size, brand, and so on. For example, if you are a fan of Japanese style fashion, you can wear a simple, bright colored top combined with a midi skirt which is typical of most Japanese women. You can search for lots of internet references about fashion, such as on Pinterest or the sites of famous fashion bloggers.

  • Visit a Place Where No One Knows You
  • Being in a place where no one knows you or vice versa can free you from various feelings that make you insecure. You can freely express yourself without fear of leaving any impression on people you may never meet again. You can walk happily while singing and dancing, talk enthusiastically with anyone, and so on.

    Try taking your time to explore new places, it doesn't always have to be far away. You can visit new places that can be reached by public transportation. Look for new things there and feel the difference after you return, how much your confidence has increased.

  • Expand your Comfort Zone
  • Leaving your comfort zone may sound a little hard for you. Try changing it to the term expanding your comfort zone, this might be easier for you to put into practice. For example, you can do this by looking for a new hobby, learning something that was less interesting before, or increasing your network of friends.

    From these new things, you can discover another side of yourself that has not been visible until now. You will feel proud of your achievements and your self-confidence will also automatically increase.

  • Face Your Fear
  • Some things may have made you afraid all this time, it could be because you don't master them or have had bad experiences with them. As a result, you have left it behind and don't want to try to do it again.

    However, imagine if you were a little braver to do it again, you might feel proud of yourself. You have succeeded in knocking down one fear.

  • Take the Ability Identification Test
  • How do you rate yourself so far? Your views may not be objective because they are mixed with other people's opinions. In fact, what you need all this time is to have a truly objective perspective about yourself. That way, you really know what your strengths and weaknesses are so it is easy to determine the next steps for improvement.

    To get a truly objective perspective, you can take several trusted online talent identification tests, such as the Clifton StrengthsFinder test or personality tests via the Free Personality Test . Then look at the results and understand the results. It could be that this is the most accurate assessment to describe you.

  • Look the other person in the eye
  • During this time you may be a little worried about what people think of you to the point that you don't dare look them in the eye when talking. In fact, looking into the eyes of the person you are talking to has various benefits, such as making other people more likely to remember and believe what you say.

    So, to overcome this, you can try and practice with the following two tips. First use the 50/70 rule. This means maintaining eye contact with a proportion of 50% when you speak and 70% when you listen to the person you are talking to.

    The next tip, use the triangle technique. This technique prevents you from looking away or looking down when speaking because it shows a lack of confidence. In the triangle technique, you can see other points on the other person's face, for example, let's say there is an inverted triangle connecting their eyes and mouth. About every five seconds, shift your gaze from one point to another.

  • It's time to show up
  • Now you have become the person you want to be. There are many places and things that make you comfortable. You have let go of anxiety and worry about other people's views. Your fear of several things has also collapsed.

    What are you waiting for, now is the time to show yourself. Think that you have many things that can make you stand out. Show the many things you want to do during this time. Show the works and creativity that you have only kept hidden.

    Those are seven creative and unique ways you can increase your self-confidence. Remember, self-confidence is something that is formed. You can have it too if you keep trying. Good luck!

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