Cara Membuat Action Figure Secara Mandiri

How to Make Action Figures Yourself

Action figures are a toy that is popular with various age groups. This toy takes the form of a miniature super hero or other character made in various poses. These characters are usually taken from characters from films, anime, comics, video games, and so on.

During their development, action figures have often been classified as expensive toys. This is none other than because the quality of details and manufacturing materials tends to be higher than other toys. Apart from that, the exclusivity of the product also makes the price of action figures soar.

So, don't worry about the price of action figures. Because you can make it yourself. If the toys are generally made from resin, ABS or PVC, you can make them from other materials that are more pocket friendly. Then, how do you make it? Check out the following tips.

Prepare Character Design

The first step, determine the character you will create, whether it is an existing character or a new character. After that, you can start designing your e- action figure character. This is where you will visualize the character you will create. So, if it's a new character, don't forget to complete the information regarding body shape, pose, expression and clothing theme. Apart from that, psychological aspects such as nature and character are also needed. For example, whether the character you create is a protagonist, antagonist, or something else.

Prepare the Required Materials

To make a figure prototype yourself, you can use materials, such as aluminum wire, clay or modeling clay, and various sculpting tools. Additional materials, such as rayon and nylon, can be used for clothing components including body suits, gowns and face masks. Apart from that, don't forget to prepare acrylic paint in various colors to add color to your action figure .

Create an Outline

The materials and design are ready, it's time to make the skeleton of your action figure . A framework is needed so that your clay structure can stand up straight. This framework will also direct how to pose your toy. How to make?

First, prepare the sketch that you designed previously on a piece of paper. Then, prepare an aluminum wire for you to adjust the shape to the design. Match the shape from head to toe.

So, so that the frame can be more sturdy, twist or turn the wire using clamping pliers. If there is excess wire, don't forget to cut it.

Sticking Clay

After successfully making a wire frame that is strong enough, you can start sticking clay to form the character you want. The first step, prepare a lump of clay and cut it into thinner pieces so it's easier to stick. Next, attach the clay to the wire frame following the design you have made.

To form the details on the action figure's body, you can use a carving tool. Once formed, you can start coloring your toy with acrylic paint. Follow the color choices that you have previously designed. Don't forget to prepare brushes in various sizes so you can color every detail of different shape and size.

So, it's quite easy to make action figures yourself, isn't it? However, when it's finished, don't forget to check the quality of your toy. Are you strong enough to stand or do you feel that there are parts that are still wobbly?

Besides that, apart from using clay , you can also create toy figures from clay, cardboard, paper, and so on. Ready to try?

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