Cara Memulai Jualan di Marketplace bagi Pemula

How to Start Selling on the Marketplace for Beginners

In the midst of the increasing number of internet users, selling on the marketplace can be a promising business option. It was not without cause. According to a report by the application tracking company, AppsFlyer (2021), Indonesia is in third place as the country with the largest marketplace application users in the world.

This large number is due to shifts in people's behavior due to restrictions on mobility during the corona pandemic. Online shopping offers various conveniences and attractive promotions so that it has become part of the lifestyle of Indonesian people.

Opening a stall in the marketplace means you have captured the opportunities that exist from the current conditions. However, it is important for those of you who want to start a business in the marketplace to study and prepare well. Here are tips for successful selling on the marketplace that you can apply as a beginner.

Understand the Applicable Terms of Sale and Purchase

Each marketplace has its own regulations regarding buying and selling transactions. These regulations generally include:

  • Product selling price rules
  • Product naming rules
  • Product delivery rules
  • Product payment rules

You need to understand a series of rules so that the business you run is not questioned by consumers or blocked by the marketplace because it violates a number of rules.

Choose a Popular and Trusted Marketplace

Currently there are many marketplace choices that you can use as a place to sell, for example Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, Blibli, and Bukalapak. This marketplace is quite popular with the number of visitors reaching tens to hundreds of millions per month.

Open your online shop in several marketplaces

It has become common for sellers to open shops in several marketplaces. This aims to get more consumers. Remember, one consumer and another may only install one online shopping application that is different from one another.

Have attractive product photos and descriptions

Because you don't see the goods directly, it is important for sellers to clearly include product information for consumers. This information includes specifications, color, size, material, stock, and so on.

This description then needs to be supported by original photos of the product being sold. Try to have quality photos. There are many tips for photographing products independently that you can apply, such as choosing angles , lighting, and many more.

Understand and Use the Various Promotional Features Available on the Marketplace

For beginners, you need to remember that competition between online stores in one marketplace can be very tight. For example, to sell accessories of a certain model, there are more than ten shops that sell them.

Therefore, to attract consumers' attention, making attractive offers by providing promos could be an option worth trying. You don't have to implement promotions on a large scale, but you can start with promotions little by little. Once your business is stable and generates decent profits, you can start trying more promotions.

Give the Best Service

Apart from price, consumers also pay attention to service in an online shop. Is the seller responsive? Is the seller friendly? Is delivery done quickly? Is the seller trustworthy? These are a series of questions that influence consumers' purchasing decisions in a store. Therefore, for beginners, it is important to get good criteria for all consumer questions to get the best testimonials from buyers.

Show good testimonials about your product

Testimonials also play a role in convincing consumers to shop at your store. So, for beginners, you can display these consumers as your closest friends or family. Invite them to buy and provide good testimonials about your shop's products and services.

Take a Forum or Class for Marketplace Sellers

Usually some marketplaces provide forums or classes for sellers for free. Don't miss this valuable opportunity. Because, in it you can find out and ask more about tips for success and how to deal with obstacles when running a business in the marketplace.

Those are eight tips that you can apply when starting to pursue business in the marketplace. Lastly, don't forget to evaluate your sales regularly. With evaluation, you can find out what aspects are still lacking in your business. From there, you will find the right strategy to make your business more advanced in the future.

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