Cara Mengenali Potensi Diri dan Kiat Mengembangkannya

How to Recognize Your Potential and Tips for Developing It

Every human being is basically gifted with unlimited potential. Unfortunately, not all of them recognize that they have extraordinary potential. This could be because they are just waiting and not making concrete efforts. Because, potential is not something that appears if you just wait, but will come out when someone continues to develop it.

Even so, you don't have to follow in the footsteps of successful people who you think are quite extreme because everyone's potential is not the same. You may be able to take another path as the potential you slowly begin to recognize. The key is to try to understand your potential instead of forcing something on yourself just because someone you know has succeeded in doing it.

Apart from that, referring to the book "Big Potential" by Shawn Achor, a professor at Harvard University, shows that a person's potential is not limited by what they can achieve alone. This means that your potential will continue to be explored when you complement, contribute to, and benefit from the abilities and achievements of the people around you.

As explained further by Achor, when you as an individual only pursue your own achievements, you are leaving a huge source of potential that has not been utilized. However, when you help make others better, you have ignited a “Success Cycle” that can strengthen your own success.

So, for more details, you can follow the following methods to recognize and develop your personal potential.

Listen to your inner voice

In this step you are not looking for your potential, but only looking for what you really want in life. So, it's best to work for the things you want so that you enjoy the process. Make a wish list of what you want and then choose realistic things.

It is important to listen to your inner voice to recognize the potential you have. Because, it is from the things you enjoy that your potential will usually be explored well. Don't do things just to improve your image in society, just make a lot of money, and so on. Remember that your satisfaction is the main priority.

Try to Experiment

Once you know what you like, it's time to start taking concrete steps to discover where your true potential lies. This is like an experiment that you do to find the most appropriate job or other thing for you.

For example, when you have decided on the things you like, you highlight two big choices which are quite confusing. At that time, try doing both simultaneously or alternately consistently. From there you will realize which ones have a positive impact and which ones have less or no impact at all.

Define Your Goals

Defining goals will help you stay on the right track in your efforts to understand your potential. At this point, you already know which route you should take. In this route you need to add various steps for what process needs to be done next.

With every goal you have, you also need to consider the reasons behind it. For example, you want to join an illustration class to identify your characteristics so that in the future you can become a famous illustrator with a unique art style.

Set Milestones

One mistake that most people make is immediately aiming for high hopes or goals from the start. They set their minds on big things and get right to it. In fact, actually a milestone or achievement point is needed to climb to success. Make these points small steps that take you to your goal.

Setting milestones may extend the time period of your journey to the peak of success. However, this will increase the chances of getting suitable results and getting the hurdles to a minimum. You can also be enthusiastic about carrying it out because you feel like you won't be burdened with too big a goal.

Accept Failure and Don't Forget to Celebrate Success

As you go through this long process, remember that failure is part of every success story. It doesn't matter if you don't succeed right away. Because failure is a sign that you need to learn more first to help you move beyond your limits.

So besides that, when success slowly comes to greet you, don't forget to always be grateful and celebrate your success. Every time you reach the milestones you have made, there's no harm in appreciating yourself. This can make you fresh again and keep your enthusiasm burning.

That's the way you can recognize and develop the potential you have. True personal potential is about hard work and strategy. To find it, requires strong will, patience, and small steps in the right direction.

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