Cara Upload Webtoon Kamu Sendiri

How to Upload Your Own Webtoon

Are you a digital comic reader? Comics are indeed a type of light reading that young people enjoy. In 2015, LINE WEBTOON arrived in Indonesia with various story genres . It cannot be denied that romantic webtoons often have the most readers, be they webtoons from Korea or Indonesian webtoons . It was so popular that several romantic webtoons were also adapted into feature films such as Eggnoid and Too Handsome.

If you also like drawing and making comics, you can also upload your work to Webtoon Indonesia. How do you do it? To be sure, before starting the upload process, make sure you have a verified LINE WEBTOON account!

1. Looking for Ideas

Before you start drawing, you must first know what story you want to create. Who are the characters, what is the plot of the story, what conflicts will the characters experience, and how will they solve the problem.

2. Create a Script

Once you get an idea, you can start reducing your story into a script , dialogue by dialogue. In writing scripts , you can use several story structures such as the Story-Complication-Resolution (SCR) method, the Third Act method , the Placement-Displacement-Replacement (PDR) method, the Double Diamond method , or other writing methods.

3. Create a storyboard

The script you have created next is a guide to creating a visual storyboard . At this stage you can determine the images, plot and setting of the story according to the script.

4. Determine the Panel Shape

When making a webtoon , you also need to determine the shape of the panel you want. Usually, the shape of the panel adapts to the style of the image you are making. The western webtoon style certainly has different panel shapes from the manga webtoon style . You also have to make sure that the panels you make can be arranged vertically. This is important to make it easier for your webtoon readers.

5. Create Cover and Episode Thumbnails

One process that should not be skipped when uploading a Webtoon is creating thumbnails for the main cover and each episode of your webtoon series. Create a unique and interesting cover image. Usually, webtoon comic artists make the main character in the series the icon on the front cover. When creating episode thumbnails, you can also choose scenes that can be used as clickbait so that readers are curious about your work.

6. Publish!

After you have gone through all the processes, it's time to upload your work to the Webtoon website. Sign in, and click the "publish" button. If you want to create a new story, you can click "Create series". After that, there are several columns that you need to fill in, namely:

  1. Thumbnail - upload the series cover that you have previously created.
  2. Genre 1 is the main genre of your comic. Choose a genre that is suitable and truly reflects the content of your story.
  3. Genre 2 is an optional genre to support the main genre.
  4. Series title is the title of your work. Choose a title that is catchy and easy to remember.
  5. Summary, just fill it with 1-3 sentences that explain a little of your story.

You also have to do the same thing when uploading each episode of your webtoon. Apart from giving a title, you need to fill in a short description of each episode. Once finished, you can immediately click "publish episode" and your work will be uploaded to the webtoon application. How? Are you ready to publish your own webtoon work?


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