Cerita Irene Meisty Kembangkan Hobi Merajut Jadi Bisnis yang Menjanjikan

Irene Meisty's story about developing her knitting hobby into a promising business

Several amigurumi advertisements flashed across Irene Meisty's device when she was looking for a new hobby. The small, colorful and cute Japanese knitted dolls slowly attracted his attention. He then began to learn basic knitting techniques. Seeing skilled knitters who are skilled at creating many items makes Irene even more motivated. He thought, there was nothing impossible to create various creations with hooks and knitting thread.

At first, Irene just tried uploading the knitting results she learned on social media. Unexpectedly, through what he considered a hobby, many people started to like it. From there, this woman who lives in Yogyakarta started @puffity.puff as a place to sell her works.

As a start to her business, Irene sold small items, such as custom amigurumi keychains, beanies, and bookmarks. He implements a pre-order or custom order system for those who want his knitting. For Irene, her first experience was very challenging because she was still working as a research and development (RnD) analyst in a laboratory. Even so, there are many things he is starting to learn, such as various knitting techniques to how to develop a personal business.

When she received a positive response from the public, it encouraged Irene to develop her knitted creations. The bag was the first choice because he thought it was quite beautiful even though it looked complicated in terms of making. Indeed, when you start knitting bags, not everything goes smoothly. Irene had failed repeatedly. However, his learning spirit is quite high. He kept trying until he succeeded in turning the knitted thread into a charming bag. Apparently, his trial work also attracted the attention of many people. As a result, puffity.puff's sales products have become increasingly diverse.

Irene underlined that making knitted bags requires patience and courage. As a “big project”, it is normal to repeatedly fail in trying to make a bag because achieving the desired look and size is not easy. Irene's tenacity has now paid off. He has successfully produced various kinds of bags, from knot bags, bubbles bags, blossom bags, to many more. For him, the most important thing is the desire to continue learning and produce the best results.

During her journey, Irene not only sold online, but she also opened a stand at the Craft Fair. In fact, she also regularly holds knitting workshops in Yogyakarta. Irene's steps started from her prediction that I had the potential to make a living from knitting activities. Because, apart from there not being many knitting communities in Indonesia, there are also not many people who have the patience and strength to learn how to string yarn.

Even though she has opened the way to expanding her career, as a creative activist and learner, Irene still needs to learn a lot about knitting. He feels that his achievements are not yet half-way, so he still wants to perfect the techniques and designs of his creations.

Irene also did not forget her first hobby, namely reading. Apart from Puffity Puff, he also founded @terserahbookclub, a book reading club which has been running for two years.

From her various efforts, Irene has the principle, if you have the time and energy, try whatever you want until something sticks. Once you find it, focus and continue to improve your skills until they become skills that are recognized by many people.

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