Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, dan Influencer

Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Influencers

Learn Content Marketing, Cost-Effective Marketing Techniques

Learning content marketing cannot be separated from learning digital marketing . Content marketing itself is a part of digital marketing. The scope of digital marketing itself is quite broad. This marketing has several techniques in it, namely Social Media Optimization, SEO and SEM, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Data-Driven Marketing, Email Marketing, E-commerce Marketing , and many more. In this article we will discuss one of the things done in digital marketing, namely content marketing . This marketing technique optimizes the ideas we have to be executed into output in the form of content. What is content marketing like?

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a technique used in marketing strategies by optimizing content creation. Usually the content created is relevant to the market, interesting and interactive. This is intended to attract the target audience to interact and encourage customer behavior without having to continuously sell products.

When creating content, we as sellers must pay attention to whether the content is interesting and informative. Not only that, the content also needs to include several aspects of the company's quality, uniqueness and relevance that will be shared with customers. These points will help the content produced to be proactive and interactive every day. Several elements that you need to pay attention to so that your content is of high quality are relevant, informative, has value, is unique, emotional and intelligent.

Content Marketing Process

Creating content for marketing requires not only creativity but also data. As mentioned previously, content must have relevance to the target audience in order to encourage customer behavior. So how do you know the characteristics of your target audience? Here are several steps that need to be taken in content marketing.

A. Determine the Content's Target Audience

In this case, you need to determine the target audience according to the product you are selling. You can start by brainstorming solutions that you can offer to potential customers. Later, a specific identification of your target audience will be formed.

Next, you must know the characteristics of your target audience. Here, studying customer experience is quite important. Later you can find out what your consumers really need. In this stage, research and data are the main points that you have to do.

B. Create content that represents your target audience and your business

After you have data about your target audience, you need to create content that represents the 7 elements mentioned above. You can start by brainstorming ideas, starting from analyzing the problems or anxieties that your potential customers are facing.

Use the data you have obtained as input for brainstorming in creating content. Don't forget, you need to include aspects that describe your business, such as values, uniqueness and characteristics. Through this content, your business can build awareness and also provide product knowledge for consumers.

C. Evaluate the Content That Has Been Created

It doesn't stop until producing and marketing the content that has been created, you need to evaluate the content. At least once a week to see how the target audience interacts and reacts. Apart from that, you can also analyze competitor content that your audience likes as inspiration.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Below are some of the benefits of content marketing that you can consider when implementing this technique in your business.

  • Build and maintain awareness and your brand consistently
  • Generate higher traffic both on websites and social media
  • The probability of converting visitors into customers is higher
  • Build trust and long-term relationships with customers
  • Your business awareness is higher than other businesses that do not implement content marketing
  • You can save marketing costs through content marketing

For those of you who are beginners in business, you can try content marketing to market your products. You don't need a lot of capital, you can increase awareness and interaction with consumers. You can also see the Adorable Project Instagram as a type of content marketing that is quite attractive to consumers. To learn more about marketing and business communications, you can listen to the podcast of Fajar Nugraha, Founder of the Adorable Project, only on Because Podcast!

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