Contoh Iklan Unik yang Memorable

Examples of Memorable Unique Advertisements

Why are you so loyal to the brand you choose? From daily necessities to electronic goods.

Of course, your decision to use these brands doesn't just come out of nowhere. It could be that your decision was influenced by the recommendation of a friend or influencer on social media. It could also be a subconscious decision because you have received various examples of unique advertisements in the mass media that have succeeded in convincing you.

This preference is partly influenced by the brand's campaigns which are usually made in print and digital formats, on various channels, on street billboards, TV, cinemas or the internet.

The more interesting the ad, the more you will remember it.

For example, when you go to the supermarket and are faced with several brand choices for the same product, you will remember the advertisement so you can choose one of them.

So, what are some examples of unique and memorable advertisements ? Here's the review:

1. Indomie - Indomie My Taste

Before there was Indomie, there was Super Mie which was known as the first instant noodle in Indonesia.

Even though Super Mie and Indomie ultimately come from the same manufacturer, Indomie has succeeded in becoming top of mind for instant noodles, and not only in Indonesia.

Indomie's success as a top of mind instant noodle brand cannot be separated from the success of their campaign through the song jingle + tagline "Indomie Seleraku". This song jingle, created by A. Riyanto around the 1980s, has successfully stolen the hearts of the Indonesian people and is still remembered to this day.

In general, jingles are music that contain lyrics and are usually used for advertising purposes. Jingle is considered more entertaining and the information contained in it is easy to accept, quickly absorbed and easy to remember.

Like the following Indomie jingle lyrics:

"From Sabang to Merauke

from Timor to Talaud

My homeland Indonesia

Indomie is my taste"

This Indomie campaign is considered to be very strong with elements of nationalism by mentioning the most remote areas of the archipelago and making Indomie a unifier through shared tastes.

2. NIKE - Just Do It

NIKE's Just Do It campaign is an example of a unique and memorable advertisement. Just Do It was first broadcast in a television advertisement in 1988. The advertisement depicted using the figure of an 80 year old running athlete named Walt Stack. Wieden & Kennedy is the advertising agency that created the tagline.

When you see the words NIKE or the checklist logo, the phrase Just Do It will immediately come to mind.

What makes it so successful?

Unlike other brands which highlight their products, this advertisement focuses on the athlete's profile and their enthusiasm for doing something related to the motto Just Do It. Even now, NIKE often uses famous athlete figures such as Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Serena William in its advertisements. Why?

The advertisement seems to contain words of motivation for anyone: "Don't delay. Do it now."

3. Sosro bottle tea - Whatever the food, drink Sosro bottle tea

Who doesn't know Teh Botol Sosro? Maybe almost everyone has tried this brand's products . Apart from the fact that it has been around for decades, you can also easily find this product at roadside stalls, supermarkets and malls.

Teh Botol Sosro has been produced by PT Sinar Sosro since 1969. This drink in original Indonesian packaging is one of the market leaders for instant tea drinks in Indonesia. In a survey conducted by SWA Magazine, Teh Botol Sosro was even more preferred than Coca-Cola by the Indonesian people.

What do you think when you hear the Teh Botol Sosro brand? Of course, the tagline is " Whatever you eat, drink Teh Botol Sosro ". Teh Botol Sosro first used this tagline for an advertisement in 2000. After more than two decades, this tagline is still very much remembered by the Indonesian people. The success of this advertisement is of course inseparable from the concept it is trying to convey, that we can freely eat whatever we want, but when we want to drink, we have to drink Teh Botol Sosro.

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