Daftar Software Desain Grafis Terbaik untuk Pemula

List of the Best Graphic Design Software for Beginners

Not only graphic designers, various other types of jobs now also require graphic design skills. For example, in the positions of social media specialist, communications specialist, content creator, and many more. This skill is needed considering the many aspects of business that need to be supported by graphic design.

If you don't have an educational background in graphic design, you don't need to be discouraged. Because, various design software is now available and easy to learn independently. Anything? Check out the following review!

Adobe Illustrator (AI)

As a beginner, Adobe Illustrator (AI) is suitable for you to use because it provides various templates that can be downloaded and used immediately. This design software is basically vector-based so that the design results will not break if enlarged.

With AI, you can create posters, logos, icons, typography, illustrations and various other vector designs.

AI is a paid design software so you need a subscription to use it freely. The monthly costs start at 20.99 USD or around IDR 304,326.

Adobe Photoshop

The following software is one of the most popular. Quoting from the Adobe website, more than 90 percent of professionals in the creative world use Photoshop. This software is also available in an application version on mobile phones, namely Photoshop Express Photo Editor.

As bitmap -based design software , Photoshop is often used to edit photos, from changing photo composition, changing backgrounds, to manipulating colors. Apart from that, Photoshop can also be used to create graphic designs, such as posters, illustrations, and so on.

Just like AI, Photoshop is also a paid design software . However, you can also try a free trial of Photoshop to learn first.

Corel Draw Graphics Suite

CorelDraw is a very popular design software and is suitable for beginners to use because of the convenience it offers. This vector-based editor was developed by Corel, a Canadian software company.

CorelDraw can be used to design logos, posters, illustrations, brochures, advertisements and various other graphic products. The design results can later be exported to various file formats such as AI, PSD, PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, DWG, and so on.

CorelDraw also provides regular updates that make it easier for users with the latest features. This software also includes a paid graphic editor. You can subscribe to CorelDraw with a monthly or annual payment system.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is vector-based software specifically for designing layouts , such as newsletters, brochures, magazines and books. As a beginner, it will be easier for you with a template that can be a guide in managing various types of layouts . Every page you design will automatically be combined into one unit so it won't be difficult for you during the finishing session.

For the record, InDesign can only be used on desktops, namely on Windows or Mac OS. Apart from that, this software can not only be used for layout design, but can also be used to create posters, banners and others.

Apart from that, InDesign is one of the paid design software , starting from 20.99 USD or around Rp. 304,326.


Well, this one could be said to be the application of a million people. Apart from providing various complete features, this application is also quite easy to use. The most attractive thing is that it can be used for free at any time without needing to download the application. You simply create an account and then open it online, then you can use various features in Canva. However, Canva in application form is also available for PC and mobile.

Canva provides various attractive templates for designing CVs or resumes, presentations, newsletters, posters, and much more. You can also edit the template according to your taste by combining it with other templates.

However, when you use the free version, there are some images or videos that cannot be used. The solution is to subscribe to Canva Pro so you can access all files in Canva and edit them according to your needs. The cost to become a Canva Pro is IDR 769,000 per year.

Which design software will you use? If you are still confused, remember what graphic products you will regularly make. If you already know, then just match it with the five design software above, which one is the best for designing the type of product you will produce.

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