Dasar-dasar Copywriting untuk Membuat Brand Makin Dikenal

Copywriting Basics to Make Your Brand More Recognized

Copywriting is one aspect that determines the success of a brand's promotion. With words that are more touching or related, it will make anyone interested in a brand. For example, look at the following Gojek advertisement.

This billboard, which is often found around traffic lights, appreciates Gojek customers with a touch of personification accompanied by numerical data to make it more convincing. Motorists are also interested in reading it, especially if they are Gojek users, of course this will make them more involved with the campaign being created. Well, all of that happened because of the power of copywriting.

Copywriting is actually not a new term in the world of marketing. This is a persuasive writing technique that is often applied to various media, such as print media or digital media including television, social media, and others.

Various well-known brands have used the power of copywriting to attract as many customers as possible. Copywriting strengthens a brand 's image and makes relationships with customers more meaningful. For example, look at the BCA advertisement used to commemorate International Data Privacy Day. Collaboration with singer Anggun C. Sasmi makes the content delivered easier to remember.

So, you can also try copywriting to strengthen your brand image. However, before you execute it, it is important to pay attention to the basics of copywriting. Because, copywriting is not just a skill. But more than that, copywriting is the art of words.

  • Human First, Google Second
  • In business competition involving websites, many people are now focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so they can appear on the first page of Google searches. Various methods were used, including writing words repeatedly without considering the quality of the information. In fact, according to digital marketing expert, Kate Toon, there is something more important than that, namely user needs.

    Putting users first means you think about their needs. When people visit your page, they are most likely looking for information or solving a problem. By thinking about how you can help them, you can create a strong foundation for effective and engaging content. Once these aspects of information are fulfilled, then you can think about the right SEO formulation for your website.

  • Use Short Sentences
  • The topics you write about can be difficult. But, that doesn't mean the copywriting has to be difficult either.

    Indeed, sometimes you can't avoid difficult or uncommon words, but you can shorten the sentence. Effective and efficient sentences can make the audience better understand the meaning of what you are conveying.

  • Start with a title that is easy for your audience to understand
  • Titles that are complicated or not easy to understand will discourage someone from continuing to read your content. Therefore, by starting with an easy-to-understand title, you are taking one step towards convincing readers that your content has the information they want. However, don't write misleading headlines, aka clickbait .

  • Use words that are easy to imagine
  • If your focus is on creating copywriting for a brand, then the most important thing is to make readers able to imagine what you are saying. Use words that create a clear picture in their minds.

    Descriptive language could be an option because it is quite strong and persuasive. It will bring your writing to life and help readers visualize what you are saying.

    So, you can also try copywriting to strengthen your brand image. However, before you execute it, it is important to pay attention to the basics of copywriting. Because, copywriting is not just a skill. But more than that, copywriting is the art of words.

  • Marketing Copywriting
  • Often receive email offers from several products? So, that's an example of marketing copywriting. This writing technique is used to offer a product, provide solutions, and convince consumers to buy or use it.

  • SEO Copywriting
  • This is a technique of writing for websites by optimizing several keywords to make them appear in the rankings or on the first page of Google. To identify the right keywords, you can use several tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, or Ahrefs.

  • Brand Copywriting
  • Although most copywriting has a promotional tone, this type is more focused on establishing the image of a product. Brand copywriting can be in the form of slogans, taglines, and others that can make other people immediately think of a particular product.

  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • This type of copywriting encourages anyone to take action when they finish reading the text. There are several key elements of direct response copywriting, namely using a strong persuasive tone, displaying urgency, and reader-focused language.

  • Technical Copywriting
  • Have you ever read a health or technology tutorial? So that is the application of technical copywriting. This type of copywriting functions to provide an explanation of a product.

    Those are the ins and outs of copywriting that are important for you to know. At the beginning it may be difficult to choose the right words for copywriting as you wish. However, just write down everything that comes to your mind and read it again carefully for suitability. It would be better than you not writing a single word.

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