Gali Ide dan Wawasanmu dari Platform Ini

Explore your ideas and insights from this platform

It cannot be denied that the current digitalization era brings many benefits, for example the ease of finding new ideas and knowledge. Whether you are a writer, designer, creator or creative activist in another field, you can now rely on several platforms. You can explore many ideas or insights to help you be more creative.

There are no more dead ends in finding ideas, immediately open your device and find inspiration through the following seven platforms.

  • Pinterest
  • If you want to look for visual references, Pinterest could be the main choice. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows you to find various creative ideas, such as posters, infographics, photos, moodboards, and much more.

    With billions of Pins on Pinterest, it will be easier for you to find ideas to spark your inspiration. So, when you find a Pin you like, save it to the board so your ideas stay neatly organized and easy to find.

    Apart from that, through Pinterest you can also upload photos or images which can be put into categories whose names can be customized.

  • Spotify
  • The tens of millions of songs available on Spotify can also be a source of inspiration for you. Both from the lyrics and the melody, there are ideas or feelings that can make you more enthusiastic.

    However, Spotify isn't just about music. In it there are also various insights that you can get through existing podcast channels. Several channels, such as Karena, Thirty Days Of Lunch, Stuff You Should Know, Angle of View, Makna Talks, and others, are recommended podcasts that you can listen to to gain insight and new perspectives.

  • LifeHack
  • Want to solve a problem more easily or one you didn't think of at all? LifeHack is suitable for you to visit. In the website they developed, as the name suggests, LifeHack contains strategies or techniques for doing things in a more efficient way. Through the various articles available, you can sharpen your focus, achieve goals, stay motivated, maintain positive energy, and also learn faster. This is for example stated in the discussion of Go from Time Poor to Time Rich; Multitasking: Is It Good And Can You Actually Master It?; How to Get Motivated Every Day When You Wake Up; How to Build a Digital Brain; and many others.

    You can also try membership at LifeHack to get exclusive coaching and content. Apart from that, you can also still take classes for free from LifeHack.

  • Are you a photographer? Or are you preparing to pursue it? can be your reference. This website contains many galleries of past photos which can be used as references in looking for photo themes, lighting, angles, editing, and also meanings that can be conveyed to the public.

    There are various photography themes available in the gallery, such as lifestyle; arts and entertainment; natural; animal; people ; and others. There are also a number of names of seasoned photographers there so you can learn about their respective views on photography.

  • Tik Tok
  • TikTok is not just about dancing or challenges. Many people are interested in this social media because of the presence of positive content in it, such as tips and tricks, education, discussion of the latest topics, motivation, and so on. This variety of content can help you find ideas or add new insights so you can be more creative. For example, content on making crafts from @toolstoday or about fashion and make up from @glitterandlazers.

    So, if you are a video creator, having TikTok is like an obligation. Apart from looking for references, TikTok can also be a forum for creative work. This is a potential platform for distributing your work because according to Business of Apps data, in the second quarter of 2022 TikTok already has 1.46 billion monthly active users worldwide.

  • Ted Talks
  • What would happen if inspiring world experts gathered to convey various ideas on one platform? This has been realized by a non-profit organization from the United States, Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) for decades. Through the TED Talks program which you can watch on YouTube, there are many talks from figures from different backgrounds.

    They carry the slogan "Ideas Worth Spreading", because they believe that the power of ideas can change attitudes, lives and even the world. Some recommended TED Talks that you can listen to include, How to Stop Languishing and Start Finding Flow by Adam Grant, The 1 Minute Secret to Forming a New Habit by Christine Carter, and so on.

  • Unstuck
  • The biggest enemy in creativity is experiencing creative block, which is a condition when a person's creativity or inspiration decreases so that the creative process becomes hampered. This can happen to anyone. So, to overcome this, you can use the Unstuck application

    Getting started using Unstuck is quite easy. First, you just need to find a trusted friend or colleague who is willing to be your coach. Their job is to help you think through the challenge by listening and asking specific questions. Don't worry, they won't advise or tell you what to do.

    So what, there aren't many platforms that you can use to gain insight and ideas? Dig deep into your creativity there and start making your big dreams come true.

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