Ingin Memulai Bisnis Kreatif dengan Modal Minim? Berikut 7 Ide Bisnis Kreatif yang Bisa Kamu Rintis

Want to Start a Creative Business with Minimal Capital? Here are 7 creative business ideas that you can start

Doing business is certainly the dream of many people. By starting your own business, you can get more profits than working for someone else. You can also get more freedom when running your own business.

Creative business is a type of business that is currently on the rise. By mobilizing creativity and new ideas in your head, you can start a business in this field. However, the question often arises, what kind of business can you start with little capital? Here are 7 creative business ideas that you can try with minimal capital.

Graphic Design Business

Graphic design is a skill that many people are always looking for. Like photographers and videographers, graphic designers are a profession that is needed in all fields. Graphic design results are not only published in print media but also digital.

Most graphic designers do have an educational background in visual communication. However, if you want to be one of them, you can also learn it yourself. Start familiarizing yourself with graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw.

Once you are able to design, create a portfolio to offer to clients. You can promote your design services through the marketplace. Once the business is running, you can develop it into an agency.

Unique Snacks

The unique snack business is a business that is currently booming. Spicy macaroni, basreng and glass chips are some examples of unique snacks that are popular.

You can create creations that are similar to these snacks. You can also innovate, selling green chili flavored basreng, for example. Anyway, just come up with your unique ideas to make delicious snacks that attract customers' interest.

Dowry Money Design

Money is still the dowry that most people choose. This dowry money is usually shaped and decorated in such a way as to make it look attractive. If you have creativity in designing dowry money, this business is worth trying. Offer it to your family, friends and acquaintances who are getting married. You can also work with wedding organizers to sell your dowry money designs to their clients.

Ready to Cook Food Ingredients

Not everyone likes to cook. There are many who are lazy about preparing the ingredients before cooking. Take advantage of this opportunity to start a ready-to-cook food ingredients business.

You only need to prepare the cooking ingredients and seasonings then package them for one or two servings. So consumers just have to cook the ingredients that you have prepared. Offer your products to housewives, neighbors and friends who need them.

Thrift Shop (Selling Used Goods)

If you have a lot of unused items, you can start this business. Resell these items at a price which is of course cheaper. This business is quite promising and popular at the moment.

Most people resell their clothes that are still usable. You can also sell other people's goods and get a commission from the sales.

Beaded Bags and Jewelry

Beaded bags and jewelry are a creative endeavor that is timeless. Customers range from various ages. From small children to elderly people.

If you like this bead craft art, you can start selling it. Create beautiful and unique bags or jewelry. You can also create new creations that differentiate your business from competitors. Create a social media account like Instagram to promote it.


If you have a talent for baking bread and making cakes, this is a promising business. Currently, there are many successful bread and cake businesses.

You can create new recipes or add unique elements to existing cakes and breads so that they become products that are attractive to buyers. For example, making cakes shaped like unique characters or writing.

So, those are 7 creative business ideas with minimal capital. Apart from that, you can certainly create other creative business ideas that suit your passion. With creativity, you can create business opportunities even without capital. Interested in trying?

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