Inspirasi Bisnis Ramah Lingkungan dan Berkelanjutan

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Business Inspiration

Various groups in the country are now trying to develop sustainable businesses. Starting from awareness to protect the increasingly dense earth, they have succeeded in providing benefits, such as reprocessing waste, reducing fuel use, and empowering local communities.

With sustainable principles, various businesses can also achieve profits. That's what makes this type of business increasingly popular. If you are one of those interested, now is the right time to start an environmentally friendly business. You can see the following business references as a reference.

  • Eco-Friendly Toys
  • If you are a product designer, there's no harm in trying an eco-friendly toy design business. This type of business has been developed by many creative entrepreneurs in Indonesia, one of which is Dus Duk Duk. They recycle cardboard into various forms of educational toys for children.

    In principle, eco-friendly toys are made using materials that are safe for children and do not have the potential to cause problems in the future. This is also a good means to introduce environmentally friendly products to children. In this way, they become more aware of protecting the environment in the future.

  • Green Content Creator
  • Currently there is a lot of content with various themes available on social media. Unfortunately, there are not enough content creators who focus on producing green content . This could be an opportunity for you to develop this business as well as a mission to save the earth.

    Becoming a green content creator means that you prioritize promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle in all your content. You can make this happen with video or written content, such as publishing e-books or magazines about environmentally friendly living.

    To start, make sure you know the strategy. For example, you work with environmental influencers to attract public attention to your business.

  • Green Architecture
  • Try paying attention to Banyuwangi airport or the University of Indonesia Library which is often referred to as Teletubbies hill. Both have one similarity, namely the application of green architecture design. This is an architectural concept that seeks to minimize adverse effects on the environment and humans. Green architecture prioritizes renewable energy sources efficiently and optimally, such as using direct sunlight as an alternative to electricity which is included in non-renewable energy.

    So, this business is an attractive choice for those of you who have an architectural educational background. Apart from being a consultant who directs clients in designing green buildings, you can also become an architect who designs special buildings. It doesn't stop there, you can also do business by presenting education about green architecture business through websites or social media. There, you can also offer consulting or building design services online.

  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Textile waste is a big problem that threatens the environment. Therefore, several designers are now starting to produce clothes in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner or slow fashion, such as the As Far as the Eye Can See brand. Apart from using natural, durable materials, they also combine recycled materials.

    Of course, this can be an inspiration for those of you who are interested in getting involved in the fashion field. With Indonesia's natural wealth and the haunting problem of textile waste, you can take advantage of these two things.

  • Upcycling Furniture
  • Upcycling furniture can be interpreted as an effort to creatively reuse old products. Furniture that may be slightly damaged or worn out is transformed into new items that are beautiful and look new. In this way, this will reduce the amount of furniture waste which is currently not adequately managed in Indonesia.

    To start a furniture upcycling business, you need to have a workshop. You also need to prepare various equipment and other supporting materials to ensure your business runs smoothly.

    Abroad, this business is quite popular, while at home it is not so much. Therefore, this is an opportunity for you to become a pioneer in the field of creative reuse for furniture.

    Those are five environmentally friendly and sustainable business ideas that could be ideas for you. With this business model, you have contributed to extending the life of the earth so that it avoids catastrophic damage. This positive value can also be a satisfaction and motivation for you to create other benefits in the future.

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