Jatuh Bangun House of Jealouxy Jadi Jenama Aksesoris Lokal Terfavorit

Ups and Downs House of Jealouxy Becomes Favorite Local Accessories Brand

Starting from cleaning out the contents of the cupboard, the idea came to Andi Yulianti or who is familiarly called Uli to recycle his clothes. He then looked for tutorial blogs to turn these items into accessory products. After it was finished, Uli actually only intended to use it personally. However, a meeting with a friend opened the door to an unexpected business for him. Uli received an offer to sell his accessory products at his friend's shop.

With capital of IDR 5 million, from there, what became the forerunner of House of Jealouxy (HoJ), a local accessories brand which is now in its 13th year, was born. Through HoJ Uli offers various accessory products, ranging from necklaces, bracelets, bag straps, to clothing. Initially he did all the production himself, but as more orders started coming in, he helped empower local craftsmen.

To support her business, the woman born in Cirebon also started to seriously organize campaigns for her products by opening a website. In creating content, Uli involves professional photographers and models. He also supports certain stylists and fashion brands during runway shows. Of all his efforts, HoJ products have appeared on the front page of magazines several times and have been used by celebrities in video clips or shows. For Uli, this achievement has increased his enthusiasm to grow HoJ.

Even though things went smoothly at first, Uli also experienced ups and downs when building his accessories business. At the age of five, HoJ almost went bankrupt. This made Uli have to rack his brains so that his business could survive. The choice at that time was to hold a sale from existing stock and also participate in various offline events. Uli did everything alone. Even for loading in and out of goods, he was only assisted by a rented box truck driver.

It could be said that Uli's persistence was truly tested at that time. In the condition of not having a marketing team, he had to look after the booth all by himself. He only had 15 minutes to eat because he didn't want to leave his booth for a long time at the next stand. From all his sacrifices, Uli has the principle that if there is a will there is definitely a way. And ultimately it was his never-give-up attitude that enabled him to save HoJ from bankruptcy.

"Why is my enthusiasm always there, because I have several heads of families [craftsmen] who depend on me for their livelihoods. "Basically, they are safe first, then I am," Uli explained his principles to Karena.

A graduate of the University of Surrey, England, he also applies the mindset that where there is a crisis, there is an opportunity. Business for Uli always has its ups and downs, especially during the startup period, the tests can be difficult. Therefore, the key is to always be able to adapt to change. For example, when the COVID-19 outbreak first hit, Uli made several strategy changes and adapted to existing changes. This turned out to be successful, namely that there were no cuts to employee salaries and the 13th salary was still paid smoothly during the pandemic.

For Uli, "fear of failure" is not in his life dictionary. Because failure is normal and it's part of the process. The thing to be afraid of is when you are reluctant to move and adapt.

"And if you feel like you're in your comfort zone and you don't want to learn and develop anymore, and then I think that's the end. So keep moving forward. "I wanted to walk but fell, at least I'm still moving forward," explained Uli.

Apart from that, new innovations are also needed in developing a brand. According to Uli, when creating art, it is best not to focus too much on other products that have already been developed. Because the result will actually be the same and will not have any distinctiveness in the eyes of the public. Therefore, the key is to be different and continue to maintain quality. That's what makes a product will continue to be remembered.

Then, Uli helps maintain and maintain good relationships with customers. For example, he provides a lifetime guarantee for all his products. This means that as long as the customer wants to repair the product they purchased, Uli provides repairs free of charge. That way they can become loyal customers who continue to follow product developments. Some of them are even Uli's friends now.

So, as the business continues to grow, HoJ currently has outlets and stockists in a number of cities, such as Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Bali. Uli also opens online purchases via Instagram and websites.

Even though he has been considered successful, the figure who now acts as Creative Director of HoJ does not want to be complacent. Because Uli sees that many businesses that are "the same age" as HoJ are now just names. Thus, he continues to apply consistency in his work and adaptation to the times.

"Once you get to reach the top, never forget to stay humble, and when you reach your lowest low never forget to rise again," concluded Uli.

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