Kenalan Creativepreneur: Ayu Dian Pamungkas, Banting Setir dari Guru TK Jadi Clay Maker

Creativepreneur Meet: Ayu Dian Pamungkas, Changed Steps from Kindergarten Teacher to Clay Maker

Starting from curiosity to find a new medium for drawing, Ayu Dian Pamungkas, a kindergarten teacher in Bandar Lampung, met clay. This unexpected meeting turned out to change the course of his future career. Slowly, he created the clay and colored it into unique decorative and applied products.

From her creations, in 2019 Dian started selling on various platforms. He named his small business, By.Daiyen. There Dian sells various creations, such as key chains, coasters, pots, frames, and many more.

Even so, as a beginner businessman, Dian also faces various challenges. When he first offered his work to an online platform that houses various small handmade businesses, his proposal was rejected. However, he did not give up and immediately looked for another platform that could sell his works. A year later, the previous online platform contacted Dian again and offered to join as an expert, like an online shop owner. Dian also decided to join, which means that By.Daiyen now has two different platforms for selling works.

The challenge is not only about how Dian's products are received in the market, but also about her own work management. When she first started running an independent business, Dian was still in a teaching position as a kindergarten teacher. Like it or not, he has to manage work time management so that both can work in balance, considering that he has had quite a hard time managing it all this time. Moreover, Dian, who learned how to make crafts from clay by herself, also needs to allocate time to improve her skills. He also began to learn to adapt to the new timeline he created himself.

Even though she faced a number of obstacles, Dian admitted that she was happy with what she was doing. He made By.Daiyen a place to escape from the stress of daily work. A big fan of the Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh, he also considers his path to opening By.Daiyen to be one of dedication to himself that he can create a work that other people can enjoy. He didn't expect to get a good response from the public.

Three years developing By. Daiyen, Dian sees a positive trend in her business. He then decided to leave his main job in 2022. He chose to focus on becoming a clay maker and raising By.Daiyen. Now, apart from being able to make other people happy, Dian can also make a living with the work she produces.

One thing that Dian is sure of is that in order to survive, she must have the mindset that she is able to run this creative business even though it takes time to continue to develop. Until one day, he can agree that By.Daiyen was the best decision he made in his youth to become more independent and responsible.

Apart from doing business through By.Daiyen, this woman, who is now 27 years old, also regularly participates in local events and exhibitions with various other artists. His love for art has grown since middle school, making him always impatient to produce new works.

As a clay maker, Dian also implies a message in each of her works, namely "There is always imperfection in every project". This means that something that makes someone happy is sometimes simple and not always perfect.

Dian then gave a message to anyone who now wants to explore the creative side and open a small business in the creative field. If you are one of them, then don't be afraid and say to yourself "Just try it" no matter what the results will be. If you believe in yourself that you can, the universe will follow your belief when you start that step.

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