Kenali Hal yang Diperlukan dalam Membangun Brand Identity

Get to know what is needed to build a brand identity

Have you ever seen a product that has a logo? Or have you ever seen a product logo and immediately recognized the brand ? Yes, that's what is called Brand Identity . When you feel emotionally connected when looking at a brand's product , it indicates that the brand has succeeded in gaining your attention and trust as a customer. So what is meant by brand ? Is it just the logo that we see, or is it more than that? Check out the explanation below!

What is a Brand?

According to the American Marketing Association, a brand is anything related to names, terms, symbols and visuals that aims to provide a difference and distinction between our company and other companies.

The brand itself is built on a basis that involves two perspectives, namely the customer and the company. Why should both perspectives be involved? First, customers are consumers of our products so we need perceptions from customers regarding how they feel and view our products.

This is what will later build emotions and relationships between the brand and customers. Second, with a customer perspective, the company knows what strategies and things must be built so that the brand reaches the hearts of customers. Not only that, the involvement of both perspectives also helps companies find the uniqueness of their products so that they have different selling points from their competitors.

Many of us still think that a brand is a logo. It's true, a logo is part of a brand , but brands don't just talk about logos. The brand itself is a story containing the message the company wants to convey. Examples include the company's background in making a product, the process of making the product, and the experience it wants to provide to customers. More than a logo, a brand is a sustainable asset for a company. That's why brand is important in a business.

What is needed to build a brand identity?

The name and logo are part of the brand which is called brand identity . This is intended to create an identity so that the products made can be remembered by customers. Usually, in creating a brand identity we will need a logo, name, color palette, create a mood board , and much more.

Before creating an identity based on the company's character, it's a good idea to do several things, such as research in building a brand identity. Here are some things that are needed and need to be done!

1. Know Yourself (Company and Character)

This first step is important because we need to recognize our own business. What characters do you want to build and what solutions are offered as a company. Look for the uniqueness of your business so that customers can remember your company and the products you make. Looking at other companies for benchmarking and as inspiration is good, but don't rely too much on them. Create new ideas through your business that make you different from other companies.

2. Research and Develop a Strategy

Next you need to do research. This is an important step in knowing what you want to do in your business. In branding, you can research target markets and existing companies. This is done so that you know the mindset and behavior of your potential customers. Apart from that, research can also help you find out what problems are being faced and what the market needs. Not only market research, research on other companies is also necessary to look for new innovations and uniqueness in your business. Data from this research can later help you develop business strategies, from production to marketing.

3. Arrange the Required Brand Identity

Once you know your character and what you want to provide to potential consumers, you can start to develop your company's brand identity . Starting from the name, logo, tagline , color palette, typography and much more. In this case, you need to determine the colors you will use in your brand according to the character of your business. Apart from that, create eye-catching copywriting in your tagline and brand marketing so that it doesn't seem hard selling .

4. Focus on Branding

Branding requires consistent work in the process. It can't be done in a short time, you need to build your brand so that it is remembered by consumers. Maximize the brand identity that has been created to gain awareness from consumers. Apart from that, evaluate whether your product is in accordance with the brand offered so that you gain trust from customers. Don't rush to expand your business because a sustainable business depends on strong branding.

Above are several things related to brands and brand identity that you can understand. It's quite interesting to learn about the journey in building a brand identity , especially for those of you who just want to start a business. You can learn more about branding guidelines by listening to the Karena podcast!
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