Kiat Menjual Foto ke Internet untuk Tambah Penghasilan

Tips for Selling Photos on the Internet to Increase Income

It would be a shame if your photography skills were just a hobby. Because there is an opportunity to increase your income from your hobby of photography, for example by offering services as an event photographer. Apart from that, you can also sell your shots to various photo sales sites. This second method is quite popular at the moment because it saves anyone from having to bother looking for clients. You only need to produce lots of photos and then choose which ones are worth buying and selling.

With the advancement of the internet now, there are many sites for buying and selling photos that you can use, one of which is quite popular is Shutterstock. Apart from that, you can also sell your photos via Getty Images, Fotolia, Adobe Stock, iStockphoto, FreeDigitalPhotos, Bigstockphoto, Shutterfly, Redbubble, and many more.

But the question then becomes, are all the photos you upload automatically sold? The answer is not certain. This is because each platform has specific standards for selecting incoming photos. Therefore, in general you need to pay attention to the following things before starting to buy and sell photos on the internet.

Know clearly the conditions for buying and selling photos on each site

Be aware that each site has set its own sales prices. Therefore you cannot set a special price for your photos. Well, you also need to know that generally existing sites implement a commission-based payment system. The trick is, each photo that has passed the selection will receive a different commission. The commission will be calculated at the end of each month or at least once per month. You can only take this income after the amount reaches the minimum limit. These policies will vary from site to site.

Apart from that, some sites also apply rules regarding exclusivity. This means, if your photos have been purchased on one platform, you cannot sell them anywhere else. Thus, you really need to understand each photo selling rule from each site.

Pay attention to the type and resolution of the photo

You also need to know the provisions for the type and resolution of photos on each site. Shutterstock, for example, enforces a rule that the types of photos uploaded must be in jpg and eps format. Meanwhile, for resolution, Shutterstock requires uploaded photos to have a minimum resolution of 4 megapixels.

Photo quality must be good

The better the quality of a photo, the higher the chance of it being sold on a site. To produce quality photos, you need to pay attention to several factors, such as lighting, shooting angle, focus, and the noise that appears. Apart from that, don't upload photos that contain SARA because they will automatically be blocked by the site.

When you are quite familiar with all the conditions on each buying and selling site, now you can start selling your photos there. At first you might be doubtful. Was your work among those selected or was it rejected? Believe me, you won't know if you don't try quickly. If it is rejected, you don't need to worry because there will be reviews from reviewers that can be used as material for improvement for you.

So, now is the time to start submitting your work. For example, if you choose to sell them on Shutterstock – the most popular photo buying and selling site that is almost 2 decades old – here is the process you can follow.

Register and Confirm Account

First, go to Shutterstock Contributor and start creating an account. After that, you must verify the email you used to register. Then, complete the information, such as address and cellphone number. When everything is complete, your account is ready to sell various photos of your work.

Select and Upload Photos

You can immediately upload your favorite photo. You don't need to add a watermark because that will make your photo rejected. Apart from photos, you can also upload illustrations and videos.

Wait for the Review from Shutterstock

Photos that have been uploaded will be reviewed by the Shutterstock team. If it passes, the photo will enter the Shutterstock site. Meanwhile, if not, the status will be "pending". Shutterstock will then provide suggestions for improving the photo.

Your income will be disbursed

Photos that pass the selection will automatically be purchased by Shutterstock. Make sure you have a Paypal account because that is what is used for the payment process.

These are the tips you can follow when selling photos on the internet. As a beginner, you can try to open accounts on various platforms. That way you will know which one is the best in terms of mechanisms and commissions.

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