Latih Kreativitasmu dengan Tips Berikut!

Practice Your Creativity with the Following Tips!

According to Linkedin research , creativity is one of the aspects most needed in every field of work today. Especially if you have a career in the creative field, then you are definitely obliged to bring a touch of creativity to each of your works. Unfortunately, this creativity is what scares some people when they want to pursue a career in the creative industry. They are too doubtful whether they can present an attractive product to the public.

What you need to understand is that creativity is like a muscle. He must be stretched, challenged, and sometimes pushed beyond his comfort zone in order to move further. Creativity won't come if you just wait. Therefore, he needs to be trained continuously. To train creativity, you can do this by following the tips below.

Connect with Experts

Creativity is generally born out of high curiosity. That curiosity will lead you to consistently learn new things. In the learning process, sometimes you need help from other people to answer everything you don't know or at least to keep you motivated. Because if you only study independently, maybe you will find a dead end or be approached by boredom.

To support your creativity, look for experts in the fields you want to master. You can find this through classes or courses or even from your closest circle. Find out how they get creative and overcome the challenges that arise.

Do What You Love

Love and creativity are actually two things that are interrelated. This has at least been proven by Albert Einstein in a letter to his son. According to him, when someone loves something, for example doing a certain job or hobby, it can help them continue to focus and sometimes lose track of time. They are in a relaxed state and away from stress so that creativity will emerge more easily.

So at this stage, make a list of what you like. For example, what type of work do you like; what is your favorite way to spend your holidays; what activities are effective for reducing your stress; and so forth. In this case, no one else knows you better than yourself.

Create conditions that make you creative

You may need conditions that can stimulate your creative power. Like Apple founder Steve Jobs, he uses music to change his mood and keep himself creative. This method may also be effective for you or you tend to be comfortable in other situations. For example, you feel comfortable with dim lights when working; need a relaxing fragrance; or just silence that makes your brain flexible to explore various creative ideas.

This situation will be more effective if supported by choosing the right time. Without realizing it, sometimes there are special times where your creativity will emerge more often. If you observe patterns, it will help your work be more efficient. For example, research in England states that people who work in creative fields find their productivity between 10.00 and 11.30 in the morning. Meanwhile, artists take longer to start work because most inspiration strikes at 11:46.

Don't just keep it hidden, convey your ideas to other people

Right now there may be a lot of ideas piling up in your head. Instead of just yawning, try conveying the idea to other people. Train yourself to convey these ideas well and easily understood. Next, ask for an honest opinion from them about your idea to find out whether your creativity is on the right track or not.

Additionally, don't hesitate to ask for feedback as well for your improvements. You may find some simple suggestions. However, who knows, maybe this input will be useful in increasing your creativity.

Engage in Creative Activities

To increase your creativity level, you also need direct experience. Several creative activities, such as Art Jog and the Jakarta Biennale, open opportunities for anyone to submit work for exhibition. If you pass, it could certainly increase your confidence. You will also see work from other parties which can certainly add to your perspective.

At this stage, you need to create a calendar of events for the year. Try to find out whether the activity offers open submissions or not. After that, choose the event whose theme best suits you and which has a big enough chance for your work to be displayed there.

Apart from that, taking part in competitions can also be an alternative. At least it will make you continue to work on cultivating your creativity to create new works. Thank God, if you win, it can certainly make your name something to be reckoned with in that field.

These are the tips that you can apply to train creativity. Believe that there is always a way to make you a creative person. Keep trying and don't forget to take a break once in a while so your mind can be fresh again.

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